“We specialize in providing bereaved family members”

THE INVESTMENT: What is the current status of the acquisition of the German branch of your competitor Monuta?

Walter Capellman: We have contracted the acquisition of the Monuta portfolio and are now awaiting regulatory approvals. As an independent unit, Monuta remains the point of contact for brokers and intermediaries and their clients until approved. After that, we will continue with the existing contracts under the Dela brand. Monuta’s new German business was already suspended on July 31. Brokers and intermediaries can now do their new business through Dela.

Will the acquisition affect the service of policyholders and agents?

Capellmann: With Monuta’s death benefit insurance portfolio, Dela also assumes all rights and obligations towards the distribution partners of these portfolios. For now, nothing will change for intermediaries. Monuta intermediaries will inform you about the next steps in time. However, numerous brokers and brokers already have a sales connection with Dela.

To what extent will the acquisition change your product range and the scope of your services?

Capellmann: With our rates, brokers and intermediaries will be able to offer their clients many more alternatives in the future and thus provide them with advice tailored to their needs, especially on the subject of premiums. First of all, we offer a premium guarantee. On the other hand, Dela clients can choose between three options when contributing: up to 65 years old, up to 85 years old or even until the end of life. The Monutas’ death benefit insurance, on the other hand, was recently only available with lifetime premium payments.

What were the reasons for taking over Monuta’s German business?

Capellmann: Dela and Monuta are Dutch companies whose products are based on a similar underwriting calculation. Therefore, it is also easier for a Dutch insurer than for a German insurer to take on such a portfolio of policyholders. In the Netherlands and Belgium, Dela is also the significantly largest company with 5.3 million customers. Only 3.2 million of them are members of the Dela cooperative, which is comparable to a German mutual, committed exclusively to its customers and partners. And the vast majority of these clients have purchased a death benefit product with us.

Is that also a reason why Monuta chose Dela as the buyer?

Capellmann: That certainly plays a role, because it was important to Monuta that its DNA as a specialist in providing bereavement services was also maintained when the insurer took over the business. Our two companies are united by the guiding principle of helping our clients in difficult life situations. In the Netherlands, for example, in addition to financial security in the event of bereavement, this also includes extensive funeral services, which are provided there at Dela’s own premises. Since this service sector is structured differently in Germany, Dela works with local cooperation partners.

How exactly does Dela want to position itself on the German market in the future?

Capellmann: The acquisition underscores our position as a specialist in provision for surviving dependents. With our term life and death benefit policies and associated services, we enable our clients to protect their families from the financial and organizational consequences of a death. We accompany many of our clients throughout the years until the last phase of their lives.

One in four people in the Netherlands now has death benefit insurance, because the topic of dying and death has never been a taboo there and has always been seen as a part of life that needs to be covered. I believe that society in Germany will also continue to open up to this understanding of life and death and that the awareness of provision will continue to develop.

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