Well protected: Tip: How to insure your electric car

well protected
Tip: How to insure your electric car

Quiet, clean and fiscally attractive: electric cars are very popular with city dwellers in particular due to their advantages. Here we explain what you should take into account when taking out insurance for your electric car.

They roll silently through the streets of Germany: electric cars, one of the most central pillars of our energy transition. whos engines, is aware of the many advantages – above all emission-free mobility, tax advantagesHungarians, purchase premiums and parking easier, well aware. But especially when it comes to important insurance protection, many are in the dark. Fully or partially integral? What is important? And what happens when the battery gets weak? We explain what you have to take into account when insuring your electric car.

What insurance do I need for my electric vehicle?

Whether it’s electricity, natural gas or gasoline, whatever engine your vehicle uses, a Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance nobody comes in Germany. In addition, many car owners opt for partial or full insurance, which also covers damage to their own vehicle in an emergency.

Especially for drivers of electric cars, which are often associated with higher purchase and repair costs compared to vehicles with a combustion engine, the conclusion is one Comprehensive insurance makes sense. Why? The heart of the Stromer is the battery – if it’s damaged by an accident or through wear and tear, it can quickly become expensive.

Leading insurers like HUK24 therefore recommend electric car owners choose comprehensive insurance that Damage to the vehicle’s battery is also insured.

Accessories must also be insured.

Accessories must also be insured.

(Photo: HUK24)

What does electric car insurance cover?

Depending on the type of comprehensive insurance, different damage scenarios are covered; it’s definitely worth making a comparison here. while the partial coverage insurance the HUK24 pays up to 20,000 euros for damage caused by animal bites or short circuits in the insured vehicle and consequential damage, experts recommend taking out insurance during the first years Comprehensive insurance. In this way, the e-car is fully insured, even in the event that the car is damaged through your own fault. Battery damage is also insured with the HUK24 up to EUR 20,000, completely independent of the age of the battery.

Vehicle owners who register with HUK24 for the fee PLUS-Helmet They’re also on the safe side if, say, their car battery catches fire and the fire spreads to other items they own, like a garage or charging station.

How expensive is electric car insurance?

One thing is clear: Anyone who decides to buy an electric car often accepts higher purchase and repair costs. In return, as a Stromer owner, you are completely independent of fuel prices, benefit from tax exemptions and make a valuable contribution to climate protection.

What many do not know: Insurance for electric cars is usually cheaper than insurance for vehicles with a combustion engine. In it HUK24 For example, electric car owners save 10 percent on the premium rate for a purely electric car. A sensible investment that makes electric driving even more attractive.

Curious? Here you can find everything you need to know about insurance coverage for your electric car: Insure your cheap electric car with the test winner.


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