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Due to the high demand for electric vehicles, there are numerous insurers in the market that offer their insurance offers. Everyone wants to outdo the other. Therefore, every owner or future purchaser of an electric car should know the most important facts about insurance.

General: maintenance costs of electric cars

A lump sum that should be budgeted as maintenance costs for the electric car cannot be quantified. Each vehicle is different, is used differently, and has its advantages and disadvantages. Experts agree on one point: an electric car is financially worthwhile in the long run. Maintenance costs are said to be even more moderate compared to conventional vehicles.

The electric motor contains far fewer parts subject to wear and damage: no gearbox, no spark plugs, no clutch. This means that maintenance costs and financial services costs for electric car enthusiasts are relatively low. The revisions are less complex than for vehicles with a combustion engine and therefore, depending on the workshop, somewhat cheaper. In addition, owners of purely electric cars registered in 2025 can be exempt from vehicle tax for a period of 10 years, this exemption being valid until 2030 at the latest. Additional costs can be saved with special electricity rates for cars. Despite the increase in electricity prices, consumption costs are still slightly lower than those of vehicles running on gasoline or diesel.

Anyone who buys an electric car generally benefits from government subsidies. For purely electric vehicles, the state rewards electric car drivers with an environmental bonus of up to EUR 9,000.

One major cost that EV car owners face is EV car insurance. The depth of your pocket depends on the insurance model. The first priority should be the best insurance coverage.

What to look for when taking out car insurance for electric cars: The battery as the heart

In general, electric car insurers tend to insure the entire vehicle. This includes above all the battery, which figuratively represents the ‘burner’, the heart of the electric vehicle. Nothing works without the battery. The General Association of German Insurers (GdV) recommends that policyholders ensure that the battery is replaced with the new or current value in the event of damage. Since the current value is of little use, the replacement value for the battery would always be recommended. Once the battery is damaged, the car owner will need a new battery at full cost.

Two types of battery damage can occur:

1. Battery damage caused by operating errors;
2. Damage caused by the battery itself (for example, short circuit).

At AdmiralDirekt online it is very easy to understand how an electric car should ideally be insured. There are four components to consider. Battery coinsurance through the hull rate includes damage caused by fire, lightning and explosion in the partial hull insurance. In comprehensive insurance there are also possible important points such as malicious and malicious actions or the occurrence of the worst case scenario, an accident.

Electric vehicles consist of a complex network of cables. For this reason, any good insurance for electric vehicles always includes damages due to short circuits in the cable area. The vehicle must be insured against animal bite damage to hoses, lines and cables at all levels of comprehensive insurance. The most well-known example is the marten bite, which many motorists have already had to experience.

The degree of insurance protection for the vehicle and driver depends largely on the insurance rates the vehicle owner chooses for their electric vehicle. However, it is always advisable to take out car insurance that also covers consequential damages. Consequential damage is not always predictable and often presents the driver with a major challenge long after the actual damage has occurred.

Most insurers offer different rates to cover consequential damages. In the case of a basic rate, the sum to be paid by the insurer would be quite small, in the case of more expensive rates it would be unlimited. There are cases where the basic damage is very minor and the consequential damage can plunge the driver into financial ruin. Therefore, it is worth at least thinking about a more expensive rate before taking out insurance.

The consumer portal of the GDV (General Association of German Insurers) also recommends insurance against theft and hacker attacks in any case.

The most important damage events to insure for electric vehicles are summarized by the GDV in an expected order: fire, overvoltage and lightning strike, short circuit, theft, hacker attacks and consequential damage due to animal bites.

Brand is deliberately at the top of the list of damages to insure for electric vehicles. There’s a reason for that. Electric cars burn differently than vehicles with internal combustion engines. While the fire department only uses extinguishing foam to extinguish combustion engines, fire professionals need extraordinarily large amounts of water to contain electric vehicle fires. It takes a long time for a battery that is turned on to cool down. Electric vehicles and their batteries have seen a high level of quality improvement in recent years. However, fire insurance for the electric car should be at the top of the agenda for the car owner.

Contrary to popular belief, insurance experts also give the thumbs up: electric vehicles do not present a higher risk of fire than conventional cars.

What are the costs of car insurance for electric cars?

The type of drive technology is of little importance in the calculation of the insurance premium. In the case of electric vehicles, insurers also include in the calculation to determine insurance costs the usual factors such as the type of vehicle, annual mileage, regional classes and possible discounts for no claims. The age of the driver, as well as the age and performance of the vehicle, also play a role in calculating the cost.

The condition of the vehicle is carefully scrutinized when calculating costs, and every scratch, no matter how small, is meticulously noted. In this way, discrepancies between the insurer and the policyholder in the event of an accident can be ruled out from the outset.


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