What does it cover? What does she cost?

With rental loss insurance, you can cushion the damage that occurs if a tenant doesn’t pay. t-online tells you when the insurance coverage takes effect.

Anyone who rents an apartment usually expects the tenant to pay the same amount every month. This predictable income makes investing in real estate really attractive. It is even more annoying when the tenant does not pay the rent.

If this is because you lost your job or simply forgot to pay, the problem can usually be resolved with a conversation. But there are also tenants who deliberately don’t pay, and let this situation escalate to the point of eviction proceedings. So-called rental nomads have even made this tactic a way of life, often leaving the apartment devastated.

With the help of rental loss insurance, you can protect yourself against lost rentals and extend protection to property damage if you wish. But insurance only helps in certain cases. t-online explains what the insurance covers and if it’s worth it.

What is rental loss insurance?

With a rental loss insurance you, as a landlord, can arm yourself against rental losses. There can be many reasons for loss of rent; the most obvious is that the tenant is not willing to pay.

The insurer usually covers you Loss of rent from three to a maximum of six months far. During this period, rent loss insurance replaces cold rent and incidental costs.

But as a landlord, you may also be affected by costs other than loss of rent, for example due to damage to property in the apartment, which the tenant has deliberately and intentionally caused. At worst, you may have fallen in love with so-called rental nomads, who often not only don’t pay the rent, but also leave the apartment so devastated that it needs to be renovated.

The damage caused by hire nomadism arise, however, must be in politics explicitly marked as included be for the insurance to take effect. Strictly speaking, rental loss insurance only covers economic damage that has occurred because the tenant does not pay.

How does rental loss insurance work?

Rental loss insurance is usually taken out before the new tenancy begins. A necessary condition for you to purchase rental loss insurance is to be successful. credit check of the tenant

the insurance term It is usually twelve months, counted from the beginning of the lease. If after the first year the renter is suddenly unable to pay, the insurance usually no longer applies.

The insurer only pays when the lessor rental deposit used to cover costs. Does the tenant have one? liability insurance, which includes damage to rented items, will initially bear the damage. Rental loss insurance only comes into play if the renter does not have liability insurance.

Some rental loss insurance only kicks in after the lease has ended. Also, you must first have taken all legal action against the tenant to collect their outstanding rent payments. then you must have it warned have and one eviction action have presented

What does rental loss insurance cover?

Classic rental loss insurance covers unpaid rent far. However, you can extend insurance coverage to damage to propertythat arise, for example, if the tenant leaves his apartment neglected.

This extended form is also often used nomad rental insurance called. Mietnomaden are tenants who intentionally do not pay rent and only move out after an eviction without paying rent. They continue this behavior in the apartment next door. Hire nomads often leave an apartment devastated because they don’t feel responsible for it.

Nomadic rental insurance also protects you against disinfection costs bug infestation caused by the tenant because he left the apartment neglected. Even if the tenant does not take all the items with them when they move out destroyed furniture leaves you covered.

In the same way they are storage costs covered for a period of three months arising when items need to be removed for renewal. And also him apartment renovation is also insured, usually for a period of three months.

How much does rental loss insurance cover?

Unfortunately, it is shrinking. insurance benefit on closer inspection often quickly put together. The insurance usually covers a maximum of twelve months’ rent, often with a maximum limit of between 5,000 and 20,000 euros. Material damage can normally be insured for up to 30,000 euros.

sometimes you need one too excess three months rent or participate with about 20 percent; in practice, therefore, only nine months’ rent is guaranteed instead of twelve.

Before the insurance company can intervene, it must first have exhausted the deposit left by the renter and have taken the necessary legal measures. the litigation costs are generally not covered, unless you have explicitly reserved this protection. So the following applies: Before you take out rental loss insurance, you should read the fine print carefully.

How much does rental loss insurance cost?

If you just want to protect yourself against rent loss, you pay about 60 to 100 euros in the year. But more comprehensive insurance can even 300 to 400 euros annual cost.

You cannot pass insurance costs on to the renter, but you can claim as expenses related to income for tax purposes.

Does rental loss insurance make sense?

You should carefully consider whether you want to reduce your rental income due to insurance costs. Because insurance is particularly useful for damages that you massive financial bottlenecks I could bring. In addition to health insurance, insurance that is absolutely necessary includes, for example, disability insurance and private liability insurance.

If you have a property, so is Home insurance highly recommended. East also covers rental lossesthat arise when the apartment can no longer be rented due to damage. The prerequisite is of course that the cause of the damage, such as a house fire, is covered by home building insurance. Read here if you can transfer building insurance to your tenants.

Rental loss insurance only applies to property damage if your residential building insurance doesn’t apply, and if the tenant doesn’t pay rent. But if the tenant negative information of the Schufa you generally cannot purchase any rental loss insurance.

In addition, before contracting the insurance, you must Obtain proof from the tenant, certifying that you paid your rent correctly for six months in the previous lease. However, based on this test and the positive information from Schufa, in most cases you can already assume that you have found a trustworthy tenant who is willing to pay, which in turn begs the question why you should take out insurance now? additional rent loss.


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