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It is raining in North Rhine-Westphalia, a lot. Hagen is particularly affected by the chaos of the storm, but there is also damage in many other cities. Who pays now?

Hamm – Downland in the Ruhr area, the Rhineland and the Sauerland: Deep Bernd takes care of a large part of the country Storm and fierce continuous rain. North Rhine-Westphalia is particularly affected by a storm. the damage they are not yet predictable, but they will be huge in many places. But who is responsible for them? (More articles from our consumer section)

Federal state North Rhine-Westphalia
population 17.93 million (2019)
state capital Dusseldorf

Chaotic storm in NRW: Who pays for damage to houses and cellars?

Filled basements, flooded streets, slipping hillsides: That Storm in North Rhine-Westphalia will leave a lot of damage. At the regional level there is violence continuous rain, train and motorway connections are also affected. The storm in NRW hit the city of Hagen particularly hard. He had to do it because of the incoming water bodies even a retirement home to be evacuated. The masses of mud make roads and paths no longer passable.

Many of those affected already have doubts: who is responsible for them damageWhat leaves the rain storm? A lawyer explains what the injured now consist of insurance Y costs I need to know.

Severe weather in NRW: who pays for what damage caused by constant rain?

Arndt Kempgens, a lawyer at the law firm Kempgens, Brunnengräber from Gelsenkirchen, emphasizes that the question of what sure pay, particularly important is if Own or third party damages are.

That means: in damage to third parties grab especially the liability insurance. This is damage done to someone else’s property. His liability as a tenant applies, for example, if Storm in NRW Flower pots fell from the balcony, causing damage to another person’s property or injuring a person.

Damage to your property must be covered by a own insurance To be covered. So you need one depending on the case, for example Home insurance, building insurance or one Comprehensive insurance for your car

Storms in NRW: What do I have to do if I notice weather damage?

“Inform yours immediately sure‘, advises Arndt Kempgens, even before ordering something or the storm damage withdraw. However, be careful: emergency measures must meet immediately, approximately when Water penetrates. Next, you must prevent the damage from getting worse by sealing or improvising water barriers. Otherwise, the insurance company could reduce your claims later.

Then make videos and photos of damage and make lists of damaged items.

Storm, bad weather, tap water: what does building insurance have to pay for?

the homeowners insurance pay in storm damage, but it must be shown that there was a storm (at least force eight wind), for example, by the weather station. so she pays sure For example, for covered roofs, broken chimneys or house damage from fallen trees, Kempgens explains.

the building insurance is usually only responsible (basic version) for damage caused by Fire (fire, lightning, explosion), Storm, Live and to tap water. Water damage to pipes occurs, for example, in the event of a pipe bursting or frost, but this is not the case with penetrating water masses.

Heavy rain in NRW – all water damage: what insurance has to pay?

the building insurance It only pays for storm and storm damage to your home in certain cases.

It will be difficult with the current Storm in NRW for the damage floods. These will only be replaced if you are against elemental damage they are insured. In addition, there are outbuildings (such as your garage, the garage or the garden house) are only insured if they are named in the policy.

Lawyer Arndt Kempgens advises to insure against natural hazards. As a result, homeowners insurance covers damage caused by Floods, landslides, avalanches or earthquakes covered. And experts would assume that heavy rain is becoming more common.

In addition, the attorney recommends a rider to fallen trees to add. Even if they are simply tipped over and leave no damage, the cleanup costs can be huge.

Storm damage in NRW: what does home insurance pay for?

low damage to home insurance According to the Gelsenkirchen lawyer, the damage is caused by storms or lightning. moveable things. This includes all items (such as furniture, technical equipment, clothing, rugs) found in the apartment and in the cellar, cellar They were damaged.

In most cases, home contents insurance does not apply if the items outdoor was standing (for example, on the terrace or on the balcony). In addition, the protection does not apply if the window they were not closed.

Storm damage but insurance company refuses to pay: Insurance gaps

his sure it should tell you about important new building blocks, says Arndt Kempgens. If this has not occurred or is not carried out correctly, the responsibility of the insurance company will be coverage gap possible.

Attorney Says: Confirm discussions with your insurance agent via email, take minutes, and call witnesses. Also, you should risk changes communicate, for example, by moving, with a new life partner, or by increasing household items.

Attention special case: Storm blows branches or a tree on the car

the partially complete do you agree branch offices or one tree in its car only if the storm was a storm. the fully understanding also applies if storm strength has not yet been reached.

The owner of the tree, whether it is the city or a private owner, may be held liable if the tree was deemed “sick” and was not checked at least twice a year. East control S you have to prove that you are the owner of the tree. Therefore, the lawyer advises to record viewing appointments and take photos.

Severe weather in NRW: We report on affected cities and communities

Not only hagen suffer a lot from the consequences Storm in North Rhine-Westphalia. Heavy rains also caused massive damage in the Soest* district: cellars were full, streets were flooded.

In the district of Hochsauerland, the fire brigade is in constant use* even the dam of a rainwater retention basin had to be checked. The storm situation in the Olpe district seemed similar* – 70 liters arrived here Rain down in twelve hours.

The storm also has the Märkische Kreis* under control: Torrential streams and flooded streets and paths, especially Altena and Nachrodt-Wiblingwerde are severely affected by the consequences of the rain*. Altena has been cordoned off, the Lenne threatens to overflow. *soester-anzeiger.de, come-on.de and sauerlandkurier.de are offers from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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