When is “complete protection” worth it?

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Accident damage can be expensive, so take your time when choosing insurance. (Iconic image) © Addictive Stock/Imago

In addition to motor vehicle liability insurance, car owners can purchase partial or full insurance. But when is it worth it?

Munich – Driving is currently an expensive pleasure: When buying a new car, the discounts are small, even used cars are scarce and expensive. Fuel prices have also been skyrocketing for months. However, money can be saved when refueling, for example by refueling at the right time. But even with fixed costs like insurance premiums, many are now looking at the optimization potential. You may be wondering if you can use the mostly expensive Comprehensive insurance I really need?

When is comprehensive insurance worth it?

to one Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance there is no way around it: it is required by law. After an accident, this is used to settle damages caused by the policyholder to other parties involved; this applies to both bodily harm and personal injury.

Partial or all-risk insurance, on the other hand, can be contracted voluntarily. via partially integral are covered, among other things:

  • Stole
  • Storm damage (lightning, hail, storm, flood)
  • marten bites
  • Damages caused by wildlife accidents
  • Glass breakage, for example due to falling rocks

Comprehensive insurance covers more than partial comprehensive insurance, but is also more expensive

A fully understanding-The insurance goes a little further: It also covers the areas of comprehensive insurance Damage to your own car in accidents that you cause far. Also in case of damage vandalism the vehicle is fully integrated. Due to the additional benefits, comprehensive insurance is often more expensive than partial comprehensive insurance.

Comprehensive insurance is particularly valuable for valuable new vehicles

Due to the higher costs, comprehensive insurance is worthwhile, especially for new car (up to five years old), or cars that particularly valuable are. For slightly older vehicles, partial hull insurance is usually sufficient. If a car is only of low value, you may even be able to do without it and leave it to the motor vehicle.

how tall is he sure Prime For comprehensive insurance, it depends on several factors, among others, these include:

  • No Claims Class and No Claims Discount
  • type class
  • region class
  • workshop binding
  • driver’s age
  • kilometers traveled annually

You can also save money with comprehensive insurance if you have one excess agreed. If you accept a franchise of 300 to 500 euros, you can get away with it much cheaper.

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