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November 15, 2022: Huk-Coburg, Cosmos, Allianz, Zurich and Debeka are doing a very good job online. These five insurers were convincing in an evaluation of Web-netz.de. The weak include SV, VHV, Signal Iduna, VKB and Continentale.

Consultants from Web-netz.de, a portal of Web-Netz GmbH, analyzed in a two-part study the importance of the strongest and most popular insurers on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and Tiktok.

“The performance of online communication within the insurance industry can be greatly improved for two-thirds of all insurance brands, even the performance of the strongest brands reveals construction sites,” the experts summarize.

Information about the online check

In the first part of their assessment, the consultants focused on the engagement of the ten strongest insurance brands in Germany on Tiktok, Pinterest and website visibility on Google (VersicherungsJournal, October 26, 2022). The selection of companies is based on the current evaluation of the market researchers of Splendid Research GmbH (10/12/2022).

Web-Netz then followed up with another survey of the most popular insurers. Here, the company used data from Statista (2017-2020 for premium customers only). The study authors give the survey period September (visibility of websites) and January to October (social media channels).

The top ten places from 26 insurance brands were included in the overall ranking. In addition to the website visibility ranking, nine social media rankings of the Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest and Tiktok channels were evaluated.

First place in a top ten ranking earns ten points, second place earns nine points for the overall ranking count, and so on.


Overall classification: Huk-Coburg, Cosmos and Allianz convince

According to the study authors, the overall rating reveals an “extreme gap and many underperformers.” The overall ranking also shows that the size of the company is not necessarily decisive for a higher position. The following eight companies lead the overall ranking and have scored above 20:

From ninth place (Barmenia with 19 points) downwards, 18 insurance brands remain below the 20-point level, with nine brands not exceeding ten points. Among the heavyweights in the industry, some of them of international importance, Cosmos and Debeka knew how to place themselves among the first.

Five companies even score zero points in the overall online performance rating. These include SV Sparkassen Versicherungen, VHV Versicherungen, Signal Iduna Versicherungen, Versicherungskammer Bayern (VKB) and Continentale Versicherungen.

Web-Netz Online Performance Ranking (Image: Web-Netz)
Web-Netz Online Performance Ranking (Image: Web-Netz)

Facebook: Cosmos interacts better with followers

Despite having a weak following, Cosmos took first place in Facebook’s reaction ranking. Based on the evaluation, the direct belayer is the best to interact with the fans. The Generali subsidiary is followed by Huk-Coburg and Debeka.

As a practical example, the study authors use Signal Iduna versus Debeka: the similar number of followers (around 60,000) of the two insurers makes the comparison in terms of reactions particularly interesting. And Debeka (third place in the Facebook ranking, 36,500 reactions) generates about seven times more reactions than Signal Iduna (5,300).

Instagram: Debeka has it

The people of Koblenz are not only successful on Facebook. “The Debeka is the performance hit of Instagram,” writes Web-Netz. The company is number one in both rankings (followers and reactions). The top three brands in the overall ranking, Huk-Coburg and Allianz, are only “relatively weak” in the channel.

Cosmos is behind brands like Provincial Versicherungen, Nürnberger Versicherungen, VGH Versicherungen and Barmenia, although all of these companies have less of a following than the direct insurer. Ergo and LVM consultants record “remarkably strong user feedback values.”

Contests and cooperations are also attractive lures for the insurance industry, as evidenced by the most popular contributions from Debeka and Ergo, according to the authors.

Youtube: Allianz is the best in its class

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Allianz scores well among YouTube subscribers and also achieves the best number of video views. The top dog is followed by Cosmos, Zurich, Axa and Huk-Coburg. While Generali can’t adequately convert its peak value of 24,100 subscribers into high call numbers.

Web-Netz consultants name Zurich as a role model. Although the insurer only has 4,600 subscribers, it has made it to the top three podium with more than 3.6 million video views. That’s “an indication of channel-related quality motion picture content,” she says.

According to the evaluation, Gothaer, LVM and Württembergische Versicherungen are performing positively despite the lack of fan outreach. All three companies are in the top ten for video views.

The conclusion of social networks

According to the study, all insurance brands still have room for improvement on social media, and even the brands with the best overall ratings have to live with the construction sites. The winner of the general classification, Huk-Coburg, has not yet activated his account on Tiktok.

Cosmos achieved the silver rank, although the Generali subsidiary is not one of the five strongest brands in Germany. Direct insurer has to catch up on Instagram and Pinterest (verified account not used).

Industry giant Allianz attracts many fans on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, but offers them only little content. The Munich-based company is not yet represented on Pinterest, on Tiktok only with a passive account.

“Debeka acts particularly convincingly on Instagram and Tiktok,” the assessment reads. And another praise from the consultants goes to Wuppertal: the only brand in the insurance industry that is present on five social media channels with five active accounts is Barmenia.


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