Why do I need them? What is insured?

Important: You are not only the client when you are building something new. The conversion or renovation of existing properties are also construction measures for which you are liable for possible damages. You must take out insurance before starting work.

In principle, however, insurance coverage only exists if you hire third parties to do itto plan, manage and execute construction, for example, a construction company. It is usually applied to up to two years and then ends automatically. However, the deadline can usually be extended on request. The insurance generally expires when the construction work is completed.

build on your own, you must notify the insurer before signing the contract. Damage protection only applies if the supplier is aware of it. Insurers often charge a premium because, on average, more accidents occur when a professional construction company is not involved.

When Builder Liability Doesn’t Pay

In principle, the builder’s liability insurance does not pay if a worker construction site accident Has. Because that is an accident at work and a case for compulsory accident insurance. However, builder’s liability insurance is still useful: because it defends you against the worker’s claim for you. Read more about accident insurance here.

Come relatives for you, there is also no builder’s liability money. If you want to insure yourself against damage to the shell, you need one construction insurance either fire projectile insurance.

When do I need builder’s liability insurance?

Builder’s liability insurance is for builders indispensablebecause it covers damages, one of which existential risk it’s over. However, good personal liability insurance covers the client’s risk up to a certain amount. So check which one is your personal responsibility covers Read here what a good private liability insurance costs.

maybe that’s enough total insured increase or change providers. This is usually the case if you’re not building from scratch, but just expanding or converting. According to Stiftung Warentest, the builder’s liability protection is generally included up to a construction sum of 50,000 euros.

However, separate builder’s liability insurance may be helpful if Landslide and subsidence damage want to ensure. Personal liability insurance policies often exclude these risks.

Today, many also hire a property developer, who in turn Orders to individual operations sorry. Who is responsible for the damages here depends on what is in the contracts.

Advice: If you buy your home turnkey from a developer, you do not need builder liability.

How much does builder’s liability insurance cost?

the Builder Liability Costs are mainly based on sum of construction and insurance. An insurance sum of at least three million euros Flat rate for personal injury, property damage and financial loss. If you want to be well insured, you should consider five million euros. A possible deductible also affects the price.

You can cut costs by hiring a prefab builder or supplier. If you need a longer term than the two years normally offered, you pay extra.

As a general rule, you can use approx. one thousandth of the construction cost calculate. For a construction project of 250,000 euros, he pays a contribution of around 250 euros, and not month by month, but only once. A perfectly fair deal if you think an uninsured claim could spell ruin for you.

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