Why electric cars are cheaper than combustion engines

Anyone who wants to take advantage of the current change of season in motor vehicle insurance to save money could also think of an alternative traction for their wheels: the premiums of mandatory policies, which cover self-inflicted personal and property damage to other road users. via, Can cars be cheaper than comparable combustion engines?

This is demonstrated by a study by the General Association of the German Insurance Industry (GDV). To do this, GDV engineers and statisticians compared the so-called standard classes of the corresponding models in motor vehicle civil liability insurance. In addition to some other features of the rate, it determines the amount of the total insurance premium due.

Electric car drivers save battery

In motor vehicle liability insurance, there are a total of 16 types of classes from 10 to 25. A car model receives a lower type class if its driver causes relatively little damage and low average damage costs. If there is a relatively large number of damages and high profits from the respective motor vehicle insurers, on the other hand, they are classified in a high type class.

The reason why purely electric cars can often be found in cheaper type classes could be the hitherto limited range of these vehicles: “It could encourage electric car drivers to drive as environmentally friendly as possible. battery and therefore anticipate and drive quite slowly. GDV experts are suspicious. This explains the lower costs for injured third parties after traffic accidents.

Damage reduction in electric cars

“According to our current statistics, purely electric-powered models on auto liability insurance cause 10 to 15 percent less or less costly damage than their diesel or gasoline-powered twins, which is reflected in a most economical type class,” reports Jörg Asmussen. .

Jorg Asmussen © GDV

According to GDV’s general manager, the electric-drive VW Golf VIIs, Smarts, Hyundai Konas and Hyundai Ioniq are rated in better type classes than identical models with conventional combustion engines. Likewise, the BMW i3 is in a better type class than a BMW 220i with a petrol engine.

Since Tesla does not produce any combustion engines, GDV analysts compared the Model 3 and S with vehicles from other manufacturers. Both Model 3 vs. BMW 330i and Model S vs. BMW 540I XDrive resulted in worse damage balances and higher type classes.

But according to the industry association for the German insurance industry, there are also exceptions to the rule: The Renault Zoe has the same type classes as a comparable Renault Clio. And the Nissan Leaf has an even worse damage history than the comparable Nissan Pulsar.

With hardly any effect on comprehensive insurance

For the study, the GDV formed a total of 18 pairs of models and evaluated the loss balances of the last three years. However, according to the association, the current results are still subject to uncertainties, as there are currently comparatively few electric cars and the vehicles are mostly young.

The supply of electric cars will grow, as will the stock. “This means that electric cars will reach new groups of buyers and we will also gain more experience with older electric cars. All of this can and will affect type classification for years to come,” explains Asmussen.

Comparison of electric cars with similar combustion engines (selection)
Comparison of electric cars with similar combustion engines (selection) © General Association of the German Insurance Industry (GDV)

In comprehensive insurance, the GDV statistics differentiate between a total of 25 type classes 10 to 34. Damage to the car itself after self-inflicted accidents is also included in its calculation. In addition, there are partially comprehensive damages caused by car theft, accidents with wildlife, or natural disasters. On average, electric cars suffer similar damage to combustion engines.

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