Without insurance, but with many debts: 20-year-old from Weinstadt in court – Weinstadt

The immediate reason that brought the 20-year-old to the Waiblingen district court was that he got on his sister’s scooter in Weinstadt in August last year and was thrown: even though he had no license plate and no insurance. .

Richter confronts the man with the possible consequences

However, the trip did not last long. It was abruptly interrupted by a police patrol. Justice Armin Blattner warned that the criminal provisions are not there to annoy people, but have a deeper meaning.

“Imagine if, on that trip, you hit a walker who was walking his dog and you missed him, hit him and hurt him so badly he had to be taken to hospital.”

Motor vehicle liability insurance protects drivers and fellow human beings

That would quickly add up to huge costs, and no liability insurance would have paid for them. The judge warned that the young man should only have paid for them as the driver of the vehicle. Traffic civil liability insurance, he concludes, is there to protect people, both drivers and other human beings: “It also suits you!”

Blattner did not accept the young man’s objection that he simply got on the scooter and drove away without making sure he had a license plate.

“Other work”: fines of 13,000 euros not paid

Although both the representatives of the Public Ministry and the assistants of the juvenile court agreed with the judge the temporary dismissal of the proceedings for intentionally driving a motor vehicle without the legally required insurance coverage, the judge again pointed out that “another work in construction” was causing them serious concern: the young man had received nine fines in the last year, whose payment is still pending.

His accumulated debts now amount to more than 13,000 euros, “he really did not attend” all the appointments that the court advised him, he admitted, and in his first year of training he only received 200 euros.

20-year-old has to work to pay off debt

The judge told him he had three options: pay off the debt, do community service, or go to jail. Since he has no desire to send the young man to arrest and pay is also not possible in view of the financial possibilities, the only thing left is to work through them. They correspond to 321 hours, and this can only be managed if you work eight hours a day every Saturday for six and four weeks during the summer vacations, “from now on”, the juvenile court delegate has warned.

“You have to work a lot very quickly,” the judge told him at the end of the hearing, also on the subject that the young man had to answer for another matter before the juvenile court in September.


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