Yext increases the visibility of HDI insurance on the web


Yext, an AI-powered digital search company, and HDI Versicherungen have significantly increased the digital visibility and online ratings of their in-house insurance agencies as part of reputation management, Yext reports. At the same time, Yext’s solutions have helped strengthen hybrid sales, which combine online and offline activities. The software company has now published the results of the collaboration. By the way, this also improved Google ranking, as Google appreciates active post management and rewards you with visibility.

D.he insurance industry is in the midst of a lasting and fundamental change, lagging behind that of banks and taking a similar shape: many people first learn about insurance solutions online and then contact the insurance agency in your area. External platforms are increasingly important for this research; this is also shown by the results of a representative study of Yext..

Therefore, it is essential that insurance agencies take into account the changing behavior of customers and become more visible on platforms such as Google, Facebook and many others. On the one hand, to position itself as the first point of contact for customers and their doubts about their insurance coverage, and on the other hand, to conquer new groups of customers.

HDI reacts to hybrid usage behavior

In addition to personal advice on site, it will be even more important in the future to meet potential customers digitally and to be where they look for our services. Many customers of our sales partners get information online and buy offline. Therefore, they are acting more and more in a hybrid way and expect the same from agencies.”

Doris Fink, HDI Director of Online Marketing


Yext optimization forms an important component in HDI Versicherungen’s digital strategy, as the companies emphasize. The goal is to find the interested parties online with suitable information and interaction options in addition to the classic advice on site or by phone and to link both sales activities in a meaningful way. With Yext Listings, HDI ensures that its approximately 800 locations have a consistent online presence. Information about agencies, such as opening hours, addresses, and insurance benefits, is now pushed directly to all relevant platforms, including Google, Yellow Pages, Amazon Alexa, and Facebook.

Also, duplicate entries are removed. This works through an interface attached to the Yext platform. The advantage: Individual entries on external digital platforms no longer have to be adjusted manually and customers or interested parties who get information from the relevant points on the Internet (and of course usually blame the company for an incorrect value in the profile of Google company) always find the right information. Finally, all updates are pushed to the network of more than 50 HDI-relevant platforms.

Additionally, as part of the HDI Digital Premium Service, inputs from Salesurance, a digital sales company for insurance agencies, are continually optimized to increase regional visibility and customer interactions for HDI sales partners.

With Yext Listings, we can also be closer to customers online. Together we were able to increase our brand visibility across all agency locations and thus further increase the number of customer interactions, e.g. calls and route planners.”

Doris Fink, HDI Director of Online Marketing

New extension creates additional visibility


As part of the “Digital Premium” service model, sales partners also benefit from additional services. HDI has recently been offering these agencies another service, “Google Local Publishing”, which can be used to increase local visibility. These are posts about current campaigns, products and strategic business areas, such as the topic of water damage or the requirements for driving accompanied by age 17 and over. Posts are entered once a week through the Yext platform and are published uniformly across the Google locations of all participating listing partners.

The “Digital Premium” service model also includes responding to customer feedback received through various services. Yext provides the right technical requirements for the response to be fast, clear and efficient. The effort of the respective sales partners is comparatively low, as the company explains. At the same time, active review management not only has a positive effect on the star rating, but also on the Google ranking and thus on the online visibility of the respective agencies.

Customer reviews are becoming more and more important these days. Positive feedback not only contributes to an insurance agency’s reputation, but also serves as an important source of feedback and an opportunity to exchange ideas with clients.”

Bjorn Lorenzen, Regional Vice President of Central EMEA at Yext

With a response, insurance consultants should treat their client groups with respect and derive additional recommendations for action.

Increased regional visibility and star rating

According to Yext’s internal analysis, the comparison of two equal time periods shows that HDI was able to increase the total number of impressions on Google by 80 percent in 2021 compared to 2019. Google map views were an important factor here. These increased by 123 percent compared to pre-pandemic levels. HDI was also able to attract new target groups and was able to increase visibility in search results by 44 percent. This shows that the listings were able to scale effectively and target new audiences. Direct searches followed, generating a 126% increase over 2019 metrics.

Customer ratings have also developed significantly since the collaboration, as Yext determined: Not only did the number of overall ratings increase by 155 percent between 2019 and 2021. The quality of reviews also improved. While the share of overall ratings with less than four stars was still 17 percent in 2019, their number has dropped by 12 percentage points and will be five percent by 2021. At the same time, ratings with four or more ratings have risen. , improving by 12 percentage points compared to 2019.partially

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