Ylenia, Zeynep and Antonia: When does insurance pay for storm damage?

Three severe storms in just a few days; For many, that now means a call to an insurance company. Even who is paying in case of damage caused by a storm? What must the insured do now to be entitled to damages to get? Here is the information on storm damage.

The insurance broker Aon estimates the insured losses at a total of 1.6 billion euros, as announced on Monday in Hamburg. “We assume that ‘Ylenia’ and ‘Zeynep’ are among the most damaging storms in Germany,” said Aon Germany boss Jan-Oliver Thofern. “The damage would have been even greater if the trees had already borne leaves, causing even more trees to fall due to the sail effect.”

Ylenia, Zeynep, Antonia: Storms cause damage in the millions

The storms caused considerable destruction, particularly in central and northern Germany. According to Aon estimates, about €500 million for the first storm “Ylenia”, one billion for the hurricane “Zeynep” and 100 million for “Antonia”. This corresponds to about half of the total insured storm damage in an average full year.

Storm Damage: Who Pays and What Does the Insurance Company Need to Know?

Storm damage to homes is primarily due to insurance covered. the homeowners insurance covers the costs of damage to the home, for example, covered roofs, destroyed chimneys, or similar damage to outbuildings such as the garage. A Home insurance is responsible for the configuration. This is stated by the General Association of the German Insurance Industry (GDV).

Prerequisite for the execution of the insurance: It must have been a storm event – which requires it at least force eight of the wind. This corresponds to a wind speed of 62 kilometers per hour. The consumer center NRW refers to the insurance conditions, according to which an official storm warning or damage to other houses in the neighborhood is sufficient proof. In Germany there have been several such storm warnings from the DWD, so far so good.

Elemental Damage: No protection in heavy rain

Important to note: For damage caused by heavy rain were caused, insurance coverage is often not enough. This usually requires an extension of insurance coverage. Natural Hazards necessary. As a complement to the household or residential building policy, what is known as elementary damage insurance is contracted.

After the Storm: How Do I Proceed?

Anyone who discovers damage to their property from a storm should act immediately. Damages must be reported to the insurance company immediately.. They will then tell you if you can contact an artisan directly or if the insurance company will contact you first. appraiser sent by. Also, no littering should be done until the insurance company agrees.

Those affected must also report the damage. photos or videos document in as much detail as possible. The GDV also advises collecting purchase receipts. These documents often facilitate the settlement of claims.

Important: Insured persons should also keep damage as low as possible. This means that waiting for a reaction from the insurance company should not result in any consequential damage, according to the GDV. Therefore, those affected must take direct measures: for example, temporarily close broken windows so that rainwater does not penetrate into the house and ruin the furniture. Branches, tiles and the like should also be removed. This is known as the obligation to mitigate damages.

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