300 companies use Nutri-Score

The Nutri-Score logo is appearing more and more on supermarket food packages to help people buy healthier products.

Meanwhile, 300 German companies with 577 brands have registered for their use, the Federal Food Ministry told the German Press Agency. Among them are manufacturers and distributors of different sizes and industries.

The name of the labeling system developed in France means something like “nutritional score”. In addition to sugar, fat and salt, it also includes recommended elements such as fiber, protein or proportions of fruits and vegetables. Points are awarded for quantities per 100 grams. The result is a single global value, displayed on a five-stage scale: from “A” in a dark green field for the most favorable balance to a yellow “C” and a red “E” for the least favorable. The applicable field will be highlighted.

It didn’t start from scratch

In Germany, a regulation has been in force since November 2020 as a framework for the legally safe use of the Nutri-Score. However, the logo did not start from scratch, individual vendors used it beforehand. Companies that want to use Nutri-Score must register with the French Health Agency as brand owners and then comply with the regulations. This is to complement the mandatory nutritional value tables throughout the EU, which are usually small and can be found on the back of the pack. The Nutri-Score should be on the front.

According to the information, the use in Germany has gradually increased. One year after the entry into force of the regulation in November 2021, 244 local companies with 470 brands were registered. The number of participating companies is growing steadily, a ministry spokeswoman said. If you also include companies based outside of Germany that sell their Nutri-Score logo products on the German market or plan to do so, there are a total of 440 companies with 719 brands.

The consumer organization Foodwatch said it was good that more and more companies were using the Nutri-Score. “But still not all packages in the supermarket carry understandable nutritional information. Only when all foods are labeled with the Nutri-Score can consumers in the supermarket compare at a glance how balanced different products are,” a spokeswoman said. Nutrition Minister Cem Özdemir is due to campaign in Brussels for the traffic light nutrition is mandatory throughout the EU.


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