4 Dietary Habits LeBron James Trusts

Anyone who, like NBA superstar LeBron James, always has to deliver the best performances needs a streamlined body. To achieve and maintain it, a lot of training and the correct nutritional habits are an absolute necessity. FITBOOK took a look at what’s on the basketball player’s plate.

LeBron James accumulates team successes, awards and titles without stopping. The 37-year-old has just dropped out due to injury, but there is no doubt that he is the absolute megastar of basketball. With the best medical care, optimal training conditions, and proper nutrition, LeBron James is sure to recover soon and support the LA Lakers on the field. FITBOOK has already reported what exercises the athlete uses to stay in shape. We only reveal his four eating habits.

Foods rich in protein and fiber

Chef Dena Marino helps LeBron James get the best out of himself through proper nutrition. How they z. As shown on “Instagram”, high-protein meals are ideal for this. One of James’s favorite foods seems to be granola, made with cashews, walnuts, and almonds. They provide unsaturated fats that increase good cholesterol (HDL), reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and improve blood pressure. They are also rich in vitamins, calcium, magnesium and fiber. Marino explains that you can use the granola on its own or combine it with yogurt or a smoothie.

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Less sugar, more carbohydrates

One thing LeBron James tends not to eat during basketball season is sugar. For more power on the field, increase the amount of carbohydrates. He revealed this dietary habit in a video he shared on the Uninterrupted brand’s YouTube channel, which he shared with Maverick Carter: “I started cutting back on sugar during the playoffs. It kind of slows down the recovery process. It’s okay to eat.” a little during the regular season. But the postseason is all about optimal recovery. Whoever can recover the fastest from one game to the next can be successful in the next.” It’s a different story with carbs.

“I increased the carbohydrates. Because during matches you burn a lot of calories and spend all your energy. So I eat a lot of carbohydrates because they give me energy”, explains the athlete.

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LeBron James loves red wine

LeBron James’ dietary habits include a daily glass of red wine. In an interview with ESPN, he revealed: “I heard that red wine is good for the heart. I play the best basketball of my life and drink a little bit of wine almost every day. It doesn’t seem bad to me.” In fact, there is evidence from studies that moderate consumption of red wine may have health benefits.


Alkaline water for regeneration.

Another drink LeBron James is said to love is alkaline water (FITBOOK reported). This is alkaline water, which has a higher pH value than neutral water. By drinking basic or alkaline water after each match, James wants to protect his body from excessive acidification and thus support his regeneration.

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