4 reasons to eat more lupins

4 reasons why lupins are so healthy

1. Healthy cells thanks to proteins

Depending on the breed, there are up to 100 grams of lupine seeds. 40 grams of protein. Other plant sources may not offer as much protein. The special thing about lupine proteins: they contain them all essential amino acidsthat our body absolutely needs but cannot produce on its own. Proteins are the building blocks of our bodies and are found in every cell. They are used for cell construction and cell renewal. When repairing damage to cells, proteins come into play. Protein repairs take place especially in muscle cells and muscle fibers injured after intense physical activity. This makes the fibers stronger and more resistant.

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2. Acts against gout and kidney stones

Lupine seeds and vegan products made from lupine flour are particularly well tolerated by people suffering from gout or kidney stones. The joint deposits that cause painful gout or lead to kidney stone formation are related to elevated levels of uric acid in the blood. Uric acid is formed as a breakdown product of purine. This substance is found in almost all foods and is required by the body for cell formation. Anyone suffering from metabolic disorders such as gout cannot excrete all of the uric acid produced by the breakdown of purines with the urine. For those affected, a low purine diet recommended. Come here lupins in the game. she contain very little purine and can serve as healthy alternatives to foods that contain purines.

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3. Fiber lowers cholesterol levels

Lupine seeds are not only without glutenbut also cholesterol free. In fact, the dietary fiber in lupine seeds even has a positive effect on the level of cholesterol in our blood. An Australian study showed that lupine fiber could reduce levels of harmful LDL cholesterol in the blood. According to a study by Halle-Wittenberg, lupine proteins also have to lower cholesterol Properties. Elevated cholesterol levels are responsible for dangerous cardiovascular diseases, can trigger artery disease, and cause heart attacks or strokes.

4. Healthy skin thanks to many vitamins

Lupine seeds are full of plant pigments. Its bright orange-yellow color is the result of carotenoids. Lupins are particularly rich beta carotenethat is also in our bodies Vitamin A is metabolized. Vitamin A has a protective and beneficial effect on our skin cells. Only when our body has enough vitamin A available can the oxidative damage to skin cells be repaired and new healthy cells can be formed. At the same time, vitamin A is also beneficial for our eyesight. The vitamin is used to build visual pigments in the cells of our eyes. If we lack vitamin A, we can see less well in the dark and go blind at night.

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On the video: the lupine fields are so beautiful in full bloom


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