5 tips to start a sugar-free diet

Have you decided to give up sugar in the future? There are good reasons to do it. Sugar is not only considered fattening, it also makes us sick. Anyone who consumes a lot of sugar on a regular basis is at risk for tooth decay, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, among other things. But cutting out sugar completely is a big challenge for most people. Because sweet and sugary foods taste good to us, give us energy and release the happiness hormone, dopamine, which puts us in a good mood. This is what makes it so difficult to give up sugar completely. Because the craving for something sweet certainly has similar traits to addiction in that it appeals to our reward system. In addition, many times we eat sugar without realizing it. Sugar is hidden in almost all processed foods.

Sugar-free diet: how to start

But how do we manage to reduce our sugar intake and, ideally, get rid of sugar altogether? The following tips make it easier to start a sugar-free diet:

1. Ban sugar in your kitchen

In order to completely get rid of unhealthy sweetness, you need to remove all treats like chocolate, soda, and sweet spreads from your kitchen cabinets; this way, you won’t even be tempted to eat the unhealthy treats. Be disciplined when shopping at the supermarket. Only healthy, unprocessed foods should end up in your cart.

2. Eat fiber and protein

Most of the time we crave sugar when we are hungry. For this reason, you should focus on high-fiber and high-protein foods when it comes to your meals. This allows your blood sugar level to rise slowly after eating, ensuring a longer-lasting feeling of fullness. Excellent sources of protein are fish, meat, dairy products, nuts, and legumes. Dietary fiber can be found mainly in fruits and vegetables and whole grain products.

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3. Drink a glass of water

Is your stomach growling, but lunch is still a long way off? Instead of giving in to cravings and quickly nibbling on a piece of chocolate or a handful of gummy bears, you should try this tip: Drink a glass of water. After a few minutes, the hunger should be satisfied. The reason: We often confuse hunger with thirst.

4. Check the ingredients

Whether it’s salad dressings, muesli, or ready meals, sugar lurks in most processed foods. Therefore, ideally, you should prepare your own meals each day and rely primarily on fresh, unprocessed foods. But with your hand on your heart, who always manages to do this in the stress of everyday life? To avoid the sugar traps as much as possible, one thing helps: check the ingredients of the products and compare them with each other. Camouflaged sugar usually has the ending “-ose”, for example glucose, fructose, dextrose, maltose or lactose.

5. Nuts as a healthy snack

If you have cravings, eat a handful of nuts. The healthy snack contains many nutrients such as potassium, magnesium and vitamins of group B and E. In addition, the little energy packs are full of healthy fatty acids that quickly satisfy your cravings. In addition, fats have a positive effect on your cardiovascular system.

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