70 day climate tour for everyone

The tour starts next Wednesday at Christian-Broda-Platz. Then the experts will be on the road in Vienna with eight electric cargo bikes for 70 days. They visit public squares, parks and events to present different topics such as nutrition, green spaces, water, species protection, energy and circular economy. Each cargo bike is assigned a specific theme.

The bikes will become “multifunctional information carriers” that must do one thing above all: attract attention, according to the organizers. People can find out from the experts about the various effects of climate change, but also about the measures planned and already implemented by the city. The contribution that every Viennese can make to making Vienna CO2 neutral by 2040 is also essential. There is also information on this.

Seven focal points of the bicycle fleet

In the circular economy everything related to the “garbage” topic is covered, from waste management and waste separation to second-hand waste disposal, but energy production through waste incineration is also discussed.

Werner sent us a photo of a gray heron from the water park


Wild animals in Vienna

Area biodiversity provides information on the “Forest and Grassland Charter” and the Biodiversity Action Plan of the City of Vienna. The natural places in the city offer many possibilities for the animal and plant world, but your own garden can also become a small paradise for wild animals if you follow a few rules.

Nutrition: Who knows the “WeltTellerFeld” in Vienna? Or who uses Viennese Fairteiler refrigerators to pass “too much” food to others? These and many other topics related to the focus on nutrition form an exciting and vast field in which there are many tips and tricks for a personal contribution, for example on the topic of CO2 reduction. Information about the new Viennese organic brand “Wiener Gusto” is also included.

The sliding chamber of the hydroelectric power station on the Wienerberg

APA/Helmut Fohringer

View of the Vienna water supply network

Water creates a good climate and also plays an important role in adapting to climate change: on this theme bike you can find out what Vienna is doing to protect its spring protection forests, but also how the city uses water specifically and creatively to counteract the heat. 16 drinking water power plants also run on Vienna water, which produces enough electricity to supply a city like Wiener Neustadt.

green space: Thanks to the green belt with the Vienna Woods and around 1,000 parks, Vienna already has more than 50 percent green space in the city area. However, the creation of new green spaces is a great concern. For 96 percent of Viennese, the following already applies: In just 30 minutes they can reach the largest green spaces in the city with climate-friendly public transport. On the theme bike you can learn more about Vienna’s green and recreational areas as well as interesting facts about the Vienna City Tree.

photovoltaic system


photovoltaic panels

Energy: The energy wheel focuses on the path away from fossil fuels and towards renewables: To be climate neutral by 2040, the phase-out of fossil power generation must succeed. The various options are presented in the thematic wheel, from energy saving, photovoltaics, heat pumps to the use of district heating.

Air-conditioned: The theme wheel of the Vienna Climate Roadmap gives an overview of the path to climate neutrality by 2040: 100 measures are specifically being planned.

Climate change is currently the biggest challenge

“The goal for the coming years is to reach as many people as possible with this offensive and to raise awareness that we can only achieve the ambitious goal of climate neutrality if everyone participates,” said Councilor Jürgen Czernohorszky. Every person in Vienna should be able to lead a good and healthy life, which requires a good and healthy climate that everyone should work for. The climactic tour finale will take place on October 26 at Rathausplatz.

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