A healthy diet prolongs the lives of smokers

The first and most important measure to escape the effects of smoking is to stop smoking. but also one healthy nutrition Having the right foods can improve the lives of smokers: inside contribute. You can find out here which foods help above all.

This is what awaits you in this article.

Smokers generally have a hard time: they often smell bad, they always have to have a pack of mints with them, they are less persistent in sports and sex. And they die earlier. Former smokers lose almost 3 years of their lives because of cigarettes. Smokers who stick with it even lose a good 6.7 years.

Quitting smoking is more difficult than you think. The problem here for many is that they impose an absolute smoking ban on themselves. That’s when we tend to completely override our plans to quit when we relapse. Therefore, smokers should first try to smoke less. Electronic cigarettes or tobacco heaters, for example from IQOS, can also help here. The special thing about tobacco heaters is that the tobacco is only heated, which means that up to 95% less pollutants are produced.

There are around 17 million smokers in Germany. Photo: Getty Images/Justin Case

Is healthy eating better than medication for smokers?

In the book “How Not to Die” by Michael Greger and Gene Stone, the great impact of healthy foods on disease is described and supported by several studies. Greger and Stone explain what smokers can do to to mitigate harmful levels. This is not an invitation to continue smoking. It’s just a health support.

Tips and tricks for a healthier lifestyle:

Diet rich in flavonols for smokers

Smokers benefit from incorporating more flavonoids into their diet. Scientists discovered that a diet rich in flavonols protects against cancer and heart disease. By absorbing secondary plant substances, they were able to Reduce cancer risk by 59 percent.

In a 2008 study, brassicas were also found to have a protective factor. Smokers who ate a lot of cabbage had a 20-55% lower risk of tumors develop than those who did not eat cabbage. However, it is important to note that none of these studies can provide a sufficient statement on the extent to which healthy foods prevent cancer.

Vitamin C counteracts free radicals.

Several studies have tested the consumption of vegetables by smokers. The result is clear: those evaluated who ate a lot of green vegetables and cabbage had one up to 60% less chance of pancreatic cancer and lung cancer get sick than those who ate little or no green vegetables.

Broccoli is one of the foods that has had the best results among addicts. This is due to broccoli’s high vitamin C content. Smokers need a good 150 milligrams of vitamin C more than non-smokers, since cigarette smoking partially destroys it.

Vitamin C also counteracts free radicals in the body that can be formed by smoking. Protects our cells and prevents skin aging.

One of the greatest sources of vitamin C is citrus fruits. The vitamin is involved in many metabolic processes and can also be particularly healthy for smokers. Photo: Getty Images/Catherine Falls ad

But vitamin C not only has an antioxidant effect. It also helps vessels circulate blood throughout the body. Greger and Stone describe in their book that blood circulation was much better than before even hours after eating citrus fruits. This was tested with the participants’ fingertips. The fingertips of those who had eaten citrus fruits were well supplied with blood even in the prevailing cold.

On the way: Recognizing the symptoms of a vitamin deficiency is easy. Here are the typical signs.

This is how chocolate smokers benefit

A study from the University Hospital of Zurich found that eating chocolate can help smokers reduce the risk of heart attack. Especially dark chocolate with a cocoa content of more than 74% is said to improve the function of the inner walls of blood vessels. This should allow blood to circulate better in the body. The effect of chocolate can be measured immediately after consumption. It lasted up to 8 hours after ingesting the chocolate in test subjects.

According to the study, that’s especially the antioxidants contained in chocolate. The control group in the study was given white chocolate to eat. This contains no antioxidants and no effect on the inner vessel walls could be observed.

Smokers in particular should pay attention to their cardiovascular system. So Smoking cigarettes clogs arteries. This also increases the risk of heart attacks for smokers – a good 65% higher than for non-smokers – inside.

Quitting smoking is still the best way to avoid getting diseases from smoking. Photo: Unsplash/Alessandro Zambon

Conclusion: This is the effect that healthy eating has on smokers

Although the research on smoking and healthy eating is not well developed, there is a consensus in the research world: as Greger and Stone write in their book, they have Dietary supplements have less effect on health in smokers than actual food. Smokers should prefer cabbage, broccoli, chocolate, or citrus to taking supplements or supplements.

In the mood for pure vitamins? We show you the foods that suit you best.

Do smokers really have a higher risk of getting corona?

Quitting smoking is difficult, but not impossible. You can find step by step instructions here.

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