Advertorial – NEW – The GAZİ vegan line in organic quality for plant-based delicacies!

Nutrition awareness is becoming more and more present. Consumers are increasingly questioning the products they consume: VEGGIE is in demand! GAZİ’s variety of plant-based products is sustainable and delicious at the same time – from now on there are several plant-based specialties in pure organic quality, suitable for grilling or pan-frying – the preparation options are diverse.

From flexitarian to vegetarian and vegan nutrition: the importance of alternative, natural and high-quality foods is becoming more and more important and consumers want a diverse range of products. Well-being and health are becoming important factors to be promoted with a balanced diet. The change in the food and culinary behavior of the German population is now concentrated in more than 10 million people who eat vegan or vegetarian food.two. The proportion of flexitarian nutrition forms the largest proportion with more than 50%3. If you look at the current nutritional trend and look back at the development of garmo AG, it becomes clear that more than 40 years ago the focus was already on a Mediterranean-related range, primarily serving the ethnic target group. As a result, to this day, the GAZİ brand product portfolio is suitable for vegetarians and, as of May 2022, also for vegans. The alternatives now belong to German kitchens. The number of vegetarians and vegans in Germany is increasing.

But why are more and more consumers opting for vegetarian and vegan alternatives?

It is the curiosity of consumers with a share of 71% that encourages them to buy alternatives. Followed by animal welfare 59%, flavor 56%, climate and environment 54% and finally 47% for the sake of health.two This makes it clear that food variety at a high ecological level has priority, which is why GAZİ’s product range has been expanded to include a vegan line in organic quality. The target group served by GAZİ includes a clientele with a culinary interest, consisting of flexitarian, vegetarian and grill-loving consumers who prefer convenience products with natural ingredients. A contradiction? Not at all, as 51% of the population consider it important that food is quick and easy to prepare and 91% want to use healthy ingredients in their meals.two.

What are you waiting for? Summer is going vegan!

Vegetable products are often prepared as an alternative to grilling. GAZİ offers its new vegan products in practical portions to counteract food waste. If there is no barbecue time in sight, curious barbecue lovers can also prepare the Mediterranean-style vegan specialties in the pan.

Naturally. Vegetable. Delicious. GAZi vegan.

Refreshing Mediterranean GAZİ Organic Tofu Basil combines fresh basil and Italian olives. GAZİ Natur Organic Tofu offers a versatile preparation. GAZİ Organic Tofu Smoke impresses with its smoky and spicy aroma. GAZİ Organic Grilled Tofu convinces with delicious roasted aromas. GAZİ Organic Grilled Tempeh has a fine aromatic grilled flavor and a firm consistency, just like GAZİ Organic Grilled Seitan, which is particularly suitable for burgers, schnitzels or meat substitutes. GAZİ Organic Tofu Omelette Tomato with a soft note of tomato is refined with Mediterranean oregano. GAZİ Organic Tofu Vegetable Omelette is crispy on the outside and tenderly soft on the inside. And last but not least: the GAZİ Organic Lentil Burger, finely crispy with a slightly sweet note of lentils. And best of all: all the products are without additives and without added sugar!

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