Aldi Nord recalls coffee due to broken glass

Risk of injury to consumers: Aldi Nord is recalling coffee due to broken glass

Aldi Nord customers currently have a major coffee recall to consider. The reason for this is the glass splinters that can be found in the products. Consumption is strongly discouraged.

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Aldi customers currently have a major recall to consider. Soluble coffee “Moreno Gold 100g” is affected, as reported by the discounter on its website. There may be glass shards in certain batches.

Specifically, these are articles with an expiration date of 06/18/2023 and LOT L1169. The affected items have already been withdrawn from sale. Consumption is strongly discouraged.

Products can be returned to Aldi branches

Foreign objects like broken glass can cause serious problems when consumed. The result can be internal injuries or bleeding, as well as injuries to the mouth and throat.

Customers who purchased a corresponding product at an Aldi Nord branch can return it there. The purchase price will be refunded. Other expiration dates or other articles of the Moreno brand and the manufacturer “SEDA OUTSPAN IBERIA, SLU” are not affected.

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