All Bread Lovers Should Know This: A Certain Kind Lasts Longer: Nutrition

– If stored incorrectly, bread can not only dry out quickly, but also develop mold. But there is a certain type of bread that lasts particularly long.

Unfortunately, bagels, pretzels, and bread usually only stay crisp for one day. Then they dry. To store them, many people turn to bread boxes that protect against mold growth. However, the buns quickly go soft in them. The general rule to avoid this is: only buy what you need. If leftovers are unavoidable, freeze and re-brown as needed after thawing in the toaster oven.

This bread stays fresh longer.

While white bread can only be kept for one to three days, even well packaged, whole wheat bread stays fresh for up to nine days. Mixed wheat and rye products are something in between: while the former have a shelf life of three to five days, the latter can stay crisp for five to seven days.

When choosing wholemeal bread, it is advisable not to pay so much attention to the color, but much more to the name. A dark color does not directly equate to a high-quality whole product. It can be caused by caramel or malt syrup, for example. But the name usually allows drawing conclusions about the composition. A good whole wheat bread should contain 90 percent whole wheat flour.

The best storage method.

A stoneware or clay pot is best for storing baked goods. Because these containers absorb excess moisture and return it to the bread when it is about to dry out. This also reduces the risk of mold growth. The situation is similar with non-airtight bread boxes. To prevent mold growth, the bread box should be cleaned regularly with vinegar water.

Unlike crockery, clay pots or bread boxes, the refrigerator is not as suitable as a place to store bread. In summer it can be a good alternative when the ambient temperature is high, but there the bread goes stale quickly.

use stale bread

Older bread that looks, smells, and tastes good is usually still edible. Whether toasted in a toaster or as an ingredient in various recipes, stale bread doesn’t necessarily belong in the trash. Hard bread can be made into useful crumbs for soups, meatballs or bread salads, it can be soaked for sweet or savory stews.

However, when the bread gets moldy, there is no choice but to throw it away.

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