All-rounder citric acid: This is how the economical all-rounder helps you at home

is particularly useful Citric acid for limescale stains in the bathroom or kitchen – but she can do much more. Compared to vinegar, citric acid has the advantage that it doesn’t smell as repulsive. Citric acid is not only found in lemons, but also in other citrus fruits such as oranges or grapefruit. You can even find them in other fruits like apples, pears, but also in berries and even in wine or milk.

Citric acid is one organic carboxylic acid, not to be confused with lemon juice. today she will tons produced industrially and is available in powder or solution form.

Citric acid in the home: an economical all-rounder

Especially stubborn calcifications actually interferes with citric acid. Independiently of it Kettle, coffee maker, washing machine or shower sprayer: With the economical off-roader, everything is clean again and ugly white lime marks are a thing of the past. But she can do much more.

In these areas in the home you should get up citric acid To fall again:

  • Means against calcification: Dissolve citric acid powder in warm water and you have a particularly strong descaler. If you want to descale a device, just fill it with acidic water instead of regular water and let it run. Depending on the strength of your mix, citric acid will descale very quickly. With a kettle or coffee machine, you need to refill with normal water and let it run once.
  • Citric acid as a stain remover: Also, to remove stains from clothing, all you have to do is dissolve some powder in warm water, then apply the mixture to the stain and allow it to absorb. A pleasant side effect: white clothes are radiantly beautiful again.
  • Substitute for fabric softener: Citric acid softens water. This is why you can also add citric acid to the wash cycle. Not only does this help descale the machine and remove stains from clothes, it also replaces fabric softener, and that’s good for the environment, too.
  • How to clean the microwave and oven: Pesky dirt in the microwave or oven is often difficult to remove. However, it is much easier with citric acid. Simply mix the powder with water and place it in a container in the microwave or oven and turn it on. After two or three minutes you can easily remove the dirt because the steam loosens it.
  • Urine scale removal with citric acid: Like vinegar, citric acid is great for descaling. To benefit from the effects of citric acid, put three to four tablespoons of pure citric acid in the toilet bowl at night. After leaving it overnight, you can clean the toilet in the morning as usual. There are other home remedies that you can use here as well.
  • Multi-Purpose Cleaner: Mix citric acid with a little vinegar, and you have the ideal all-purpose cleaner and it’s super cheap. Alternatively, you can just use lemon peel instead of citric acid powder.

Citric acid in the drink: Refreshing in summer

Beside practical home applicationscan Citric acid also as a beverage additive use. This is a particularly refreshing idea, especially in the summer. Simply boil a tablespoon of citric acid in a quart of water, add some lemongrass and season with lime juice. in the end still sugar to taste add it, and the summer drink is ready.

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