Apples in your own garden: organic and versatile

Why your own apple tree?

In addition to the health side, an apple tree can become part of the family. Children climb on it, you can see the birds nesting, enjoy the view of apple trees in bloom in spring and, last but not least, conjure up delicious dishes from the harvested apples.

At “ Apfelkuchen” you will find recipes for melt-in-your-mouth apple pie, apple sour cream pie, apple pie with roasted walnuts, apple pie covered with spelled, a total of more than 140 suggestions baking with pictures and instructions.

But not only apple pie is delicious. You can also have your own apple juice squeezed from apples, make applesauce, enjoy baked apples at Christmas, or present apples in your dressing gown for dessert.

Apples, unwashed and unpeeled, directly from their own organic tree, are ideal for your health.

What species of apple trees are suitable?

Not all varieties of apples are also suitable for the balcony. But there are varieties that like columnar trees it can stand and thrive in a large pot on a larger balcony. As long as they are well protected in winter and well cared for and trimmed the rest of the year.

Another place is, of course, the garden of the house. Here you can lonely trees get along well with apple trellis trees can be distinguished from the neighboring property. However, you must consider the distance to the property line. It depends on the final height of the trees.

What varieties of apples are useful?

in the end it depends personal taste on. One prefers sour apples, the other only eats sweet varieties. However, it should also be included in the decision how vulnerable to pests a variety is when they are harvested can be and how well you keep the apples can.

By the way, “eat-ripen apples” are those varieties that develop their flavor immediately and taste best when picked from the tree.

What should you consider when buying an apple tree?

The tree must have a straight stem feature. Neither the bark nor the twigs no damage exposition. Even now the tree must have a small crown, with at least three long shoots.

It is also important to clarify whether the tree only bears fruit when other apple trees are planted nearby, which is then called a pollinating variety. There are some varieties of apples that require special pollinators. Golden Delicious, for example, would like to have an Elstar, Cox or Gloster nearby.

Store apples correctly

When harvesting, it is important to ensure that the apples do not have bruises or cracks in the skin. It then rapidly rots, which also spreads to previously perfect apples. It is ideal to line wooden boxes with newspaper and store the apples in them in a cool but frost-free place. In addition, you should regularly check the apples and grade them if necessary.

Alternatively, apples can also be stored as compote or in mason jars.


The saying goes a long way, but it still applies: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” However, one should not eat too many apples a day, as this has negative consequences for the intestines. An apple also contains a lot of fructose. So you can skip a little bit of sugar when baking.


Author: David, Article: “Apple Tree: Expert Tips from A to Z”, Apple Tree: Expert Tips from A to Z – Plantura, Posted On: unknown


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