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Effective immune boosters © silviarita on Pixabay

Every day we are exposed to environmental stressors. These include cold, moisture, or various pathogens. Thanks to our immune system, we can stay fit and healthy in any situation. But the defense system is vulnerable and must be constantly reinforced, especially during cold seasons, as is the case in Germany for at least half a year.

The immune system needs some extras, such as so-called immune boosters. Can these highly concentrated doses of vitamins and minerals really work wonders, or is it just a fad? The fact is that superfoods and immune boosters have never been more popular than they are right now.

What are immune boosters and why are they good?

The most important vitamins and minerals for the human body include vitamins A, B, C and D, zinc, as well as selenium and iron. Our body cannot produce the trace minerals it needs on its own. We take them with food. All these elements are found in nature in fruits, vegetables or plants. Only together can they really develop their effect. Therefore, a balanced diet is particularly important. Get in the habit of eating more fruits and vegetables. Also make sure that your diet is varied, because only then can you be sure that your body really does not lack for anything. Drinking plenty of water is also important.

Also, you can strengthen your immune system with an immune booster. Modern dietary supplements provide an extra portion of trace elements and vitamins. With a highly concentrated dose, which is found in supplements such as immunostimulants, you cover the need for important substances for your immune system.

What immune boosters are there?

Anyone who thinks that eating healthy is expensive is wrong. Many common fruits can be counted among immune boosters because their vitamin content is particularly high. Take a look at a new brochure from Kaufland and you are sure to discover a lot. For example, blueberries, kiwis, carrots and much more are now being grown at reduced prices.

You should definitely remember these products:

● Blackcurrants

● aronia berries

● Exotic fruits such as Camu Camu or Açai

● chia seeds

● papaya

● ginger

● peppers

● carrot

● garlic

Not only fruits can be immune boosters, spices also have many positive properties that are good for the immune system. The best known example of this is turmeric.

Many vitamins are now also available in capsules or tablets. Alternatively, they are available in powder form to dissolve. The absolute trend, however, is high doses of immune-boosting beverages, such as ginger shots.

Who should take immune boosters and when?

If one of the trace elements is deficient, your body will let you know. For example, an iron deficiency, also known as anemia, manifests itself in symptoms such as constant tiredness and weakness. Deficiency patients are therefore especially dependent on immune boosters to easily cover their daily vitamin needs. In the case of a vitamin D deficiency, doctors even recommend an increase in special boosters.

Even people who are on a diet or eat a vegan diet should not ignore immune boosters. With certain products, a special trace mineral, such as some iron, is often removed from the diet if meat is not eaten.

Immune boosters are especially recommended when the body is particularly stressed and the need for vitamins increases. This is the case, for example, during pregnancy or during a flu epidemic. Smoking can also be an additional pathogen for the immune system.

Another positive property of immune boosters is the effect on our mood. A strong immune system helps against stress and you have more strength and feel more energetic.

Immune boosters don’t work like a miracle cure or magic potion. So it doesn’t help to have a drink once and hope you’ll get through the current flu wave in a healthy way. If you want to maintain good health on a constant basis, the best thing you can do is lead a healthy lifestyle with exercise and a balanced diet. A booster, as its name suggests, only serves as a complement.

Are there side effects or contraindications?

In principle, vitamins cannot harm anyone, but too high a value is just as unhealthy as a deficiency, so you should not overdo it. Since most immune boosters contain exotic fruits, allergy sufferers should be careful, as these substances, among other things, are known to be very common allergy pathogens. Individual intolerances may also occur. In general, the following applies to all dietary supplements and vitamins: consult your doctor

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