Asparagus and histamine: is it suitable for a low histamine diet?

Almost all foods contain histamine, including asparagus. Here you can find out if asparagus is still suitable for a low histamine diet.

Those who do not tolerate histamine well can avoid the symptoms of an allergic reaction with the right diet. This should consist primarily of foods low in histamine. If he asparagus time approaches, many of those affected by histamine intolerance may wonder if asparagus is also suitable for a low histamine diet.

Small amounts of histamine are naturally present in almost all foods. To improve the symptoms of histamine intolerance, those affected should pay attention to a diet low in histamine.

It is important to avoid histamine-rich foods as much as possible. Foods that have been stored or matured for a long time have a particularly high histamine content soy saucecheese, salami or wine.

By comparison, vegetables, salads, and cereals contain little histamine. Therefore, most plant-based foods are well suited to a low-histamine diet. However, those who are particularly sensitive to histamine should also be careful with some types of fruit and vegetables, as they contain a relatively large amount of the messenger substance. This includes:

  • Overripe fruit, citrus and some berries as well.
  • Tomatoesspinach, canned vegetables and Sauerkraut

Low histamine diet: does asparagus contain a lot of histamine?

Asparagus is low in histamine and the popular hollandaise sauce is also a low histamine side dish.
Asparagus is low in histamine and the popular hollandaise sauce is also a low histamine side dish.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / stux)

asparagus It is one of the vegetables very little histamine and therefore it is considered very well tolerated in case of histamine intolerance.

In it Asparagus preparation low in histamine you want to make sure you process vegetables as quickly as possible, as histamine builds up during prolonged storage. Combine asparagus with other low-histamine foods:

  • Prepare asparagus as a salad, for example radish, Swede and a vinegar and oil vinaigrette. Use low histamine apple cider vinegar instead of red wine vinegar for the dressing.
  • Also the classic preparation with a hollandaise sauce (vegan) is suitable for a histamine intolerance, because margarine it is low in histamine.
  • One bowl of millet with asparagus is also a low histamine dish.

look at ours too List of foods low in histamineto find more ingredients for a low histamine asparagus dish.

What is histamine intolerance?

in a histamine intolerance the body reacts to an increased amount of histamine, a natural messenger, with various intolerance reactions. Symptoms may include redness, itching, headache either Gastrointestinal discomfort be.

The messenger substance plays an important role in various bodily functions, especially in allergic reactions and for the immune system. The body itself produces histamine as a breakdown product of protein amino acids, but it also absorbs up to four grams of histamine per day from food.

According to the German Allergy and Asthma Association (DAAB), histamine-containing foods are safe for healthy people because they break down histamine and can quickly compensate for the excess. Problems can only arise in healthy people when the amount of histamine ingested is very large, as is the case with spoiled sea creatures.

In the case of histamine intolerance, however, the breakdown process is interrupted. As a result, the body already reacts with intolerance reactions when the amount of ingested histamine is still small.


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