Back Pain: These 5 Treacherous Mistakes Cause It

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About two-thirds of the population of Germany suffer from back pain. About a quarter of all sick days from work are due to back pain. The causes are varied, but prevention is possible. Above all, you must avoid five treacherous mistakes.

5 insidious mistakes – at a glance

Back pain is annoying. Some people struggle with it right after getting up in the morning, others only notice the pain during the day or even at night. However, you can easily prevent back pain by avoiding five treacherous mistakes.

Take a look:

  • sitting bad – especially those who work a lot at the desk should pay attention to a healthy posture
  • carry too heavy – especially if there is also a one-sided load, for example from a handbag
  • Fast food – a balanced and nutritious diet is also important for the back, as is drinking
  • lack of exercise – incorporate sports units in their daily life; Back training is a great way to prevent back pain.
  • weak muscles – Back training helps strengthen muscles

Causes of back pain

The causes of back pain are varied.. Most patients have lower back pain. Often there are connections with the intervertebral discs. These only receive nutrients through sufficient movement; otherwise it hurts at some point.

In addition to congenital organic damage and diseases of the spine Strains, moving too fast, or incorrect loading be the triggers. Also one-sided physical exertion can be a cause as well unusual or strenuous activities. Desk work combined with very little exercise in the office or at home can also promote back pain.

Especially in old age they can consequences of wear be. Also Obesity, mental stress and poor diet may play a role in back pain.

reading advice: This is what you can do against back pain at work.

Prevent back pain: you can do it

There are several ways to prevent back pain. The movement and, in particular, the strengthening of the back and abdominal muscles is central here. Pay attention to the right sport; for example, walking, swimming or yoga may be suitable. Also heat to be able to help.

Here you will find a large selection of tools or tips for a healthy back – take a look now

The right setup for your workplace at the office or at home Y movement as compensation for desk work they are important and can prevent back pain caused by incorrect sitting position.

You should then use Distribute the weight on both sides.. also one healthy nutrition can have a positive effect on your health and your back. Take care of yourself with nutrients and make sure you drink enough.


The causes of back pain are usually harmless. But there can also be serious diseases behind it. In case of doubt, the symptoms should be clarified with your doctor.

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