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Our diet not only affects ours Body outside, but also in the planets. What we buy is not only a personal decision but also a political one. Anyone who eats mindfully is not only doing something good for themselves, but also making a significant contribution to protecting the environment.

In recent years, regionality, animal welfare, organic and sustainability have become increasingly important. That is why BILLA has given itself the task of actively focusing on these issues – on the one hand through a large number of own brands and on the other hand through awareness bells.

Mindful eating is on the rise

Everything revolves around this during the new campaign »Good Food«, which will run during the summer sustainable enjoyment. This is also the theme of the newly founded “BILLA Good Food Board” – an advisory board of restorers, nutritionists, professional athletes Y foodieall for conscious, healthy and sustainable nutrition engage.
The mission of the »BILLA Good Food Board« is to dispel dangerous myths and half-knowledge, raise awareness of the climate effects of nutrition, show alternatives, reveal tips and tricks as well as easy-to-cook recipes. BILLA wants to show how easy it is to integrate healthy nutrition into everyday life, without having to give up enjoyment.

»More and more people are open to alternative forms of nutrition or are looking for more variety in everyday life. Many also wonder what effects their purchasing decisions will have on the climate, animal welfare and, ultimately, their health. We would like to support you all with the “BILLA Good Food Board”, which was created as a platform for exchange and inspiration”, says the BILLA board member. elke wilgman.

»plant-based« approach

The focus topic of the “BILLA Good Food Board” varies from year to year. This year is all about plant-based nutrition. As part of the BILLA Austria Report, BILLA has the largest representative to study on the topic of welfare in Austria Preferences, wishes and ambitions of Austrians regarding their diet surveyed, shows that one in six people (17%) in Austria would like to reduce their meat consumption in the future. A quarter of the respondents (25%) are already counted in the group of flexitarian. The reasons for that give up meat are diverse: with 84%, animal welfare or animal protection comes first, followed by climate protection (76%) and health aspects (68%). 62% mention their physical condition or well-being as a reason.

This is exactly where experts from different disciplines come in and answer the most pressing vegan nutrition questions on their own social media channels.

These foodies are doing pioneering vegan work for »BILLA Good Food Board«:

  • Richard Strebinger, professional soccer player
  • Niko Rittenau, nutritionist and author
  • Hank Ge, fashion restaurateur and founder of Bali Brunch
  • Influencer Jelena Maier runs vegan food blog Schnabula Rasa
  • Simone and Adi Raihmann, restaurateurs, cookbook authors and founders of Karma Food
  • Katharina Petter, nutritionist and employee of the Vegan Society Austria
  • Susanna Wurz, influencer, runs the lifestyle blog of the same name

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