Bowl or punch, that is the question

While bowls have now fully established themselves as a food trend, the bowl is also seeing a bit of a comeback, as a cool drink on hot days. If both of them meet at the table, it becomes a complete affair.

A few years ago, bowls made their way into healthy gourmet cooking and are now a natural on the menu. The ingredients are arranged in a bowl and are not normally mixed. The main components are fruits and vegetables. You can enjoy bowls at any time of the day: with strawberries for breakfast, with fish, meat and lots of vegetables for lunch or in the evening as a salad bowl. Opinions differ on the origin of this trend. It may have started at a Mexican restaurant in the US that put their burritos on the menu as a side dish. However, that is not certain. But no matter where the idea came from, it almost certainly owes its spread to social media.

In the middle of the last decade, food blogs started showing off new and colorful creations in bowls on Instagram, Pinterest and co. Since then, the number of bowl recipes has skyrocketed and there are now pure bowl restaurants in almost every German city. By the way, there was a similar hype, although not with its own bars, for a namesake of the bowls: the bowle. In this country, it was present at all parties, especially in the 1950s to 1970s, often as a mixture of white wine or sparkling wine with different fruits.

The researchers found the first mention of such a mixed drink, though not under its current name, in a book from the 15th century. It describes a mixture of wine, rose petals, pine needles, and honey. It can no longer be understood if that tasted good. The truth is that today we can create a much wider range and use different fruits depending on the season. Bowling regularly returns in the summer when it comes to cooling off on hot days. And of course the punch and bowls can also be perfectly combined, for example when you are expecting guests. A refreshing punch with strawberries and mint is a great appetizer right now: a fruity start that could be followed by a light bowl of lettuce, tomatoes, radicchio, pomegranate, avocado, lemon, and rice. Not only does this sound very tasty, but it is also wonderfully healthy with these ingredients. In general, with punch and bowl in the true sense of the word – a round thing!

Anyone looking for more suggestions for fresh fruit and vegetable delicacies will surely find what they are looking for in the “1000 good reasons” kitchen of ideas. At, cooking and nutrition experts as well as trendy food blogs have collected countless recipes for delicious and healthy enjoyment.


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