Chocolate or meat: which provides more iron?

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it is for our health important that the body is sufficiently supplied with iron. Many foods are considered good sources of iron; including chocolate and meat. We show which of the two products contains more iron.

The importance of iron for our body

iron is a trace element, which can be found in many products of animal origin, but also in plant foods such as legumes or whole grains. The ore is on involved in many bodily processes for example, in oxygen transport and oxygen storage in muscles. Iron also plays an important role in blood formation, the functionality of important enzymes, and various metabolic processes.

Our body can better absorb iron when at the same time Vitamin C– They eat rich foods. Sources of vitamin C include bell peppers, broccoli, or orange juice. From the German Nutrition Society (DGE) one per day Supplying approximately 15 mg of iron for women and 10 mg for men recommended, although the amount required depends on age. But even when you’re pregnant, you generally have a higher need for iron.

do you feed yourself? no meat or very low ironcan become a lack of iron come. Typical symptoms are Tiredness, constant frostbite, exhaustion, and increased susceptibility to infection.. If you suspect an iron deficiency, you should clarify the suspicion medically and adjust your diet.

Iron Providers: Meat vs. Chocolate

Chocolate is best known as a sweet and is very popular with many; but it can also convince in its iron values. The iron content of chocolate is highly dependent on the cocoa content; so you can even find varieties of dark chocolate that 8 mg of iron per 100 g exhibit.

If you compare these values ​​with the iron values ​​in beef, a clear difference becomes apparent. only meat points about 1.9 to 2.4 mg per 100 g serving have. However, it is important not to look exclusively at this value. There is differences in absorbency iron: The iron contained in meat (also heme-Iron called), can be better absorbed by our body. vegetable iron (nonheme iron) our body, on the contrary, is less able to absorb it.

Because chocolate is high in sugar and fat, and therefore high in calories, it should be only in moderation to be enjoyed. However, moderation is also required when consuming meat: the German Nutrition Society notes that no more than 600 g of meat per week consume. It is important that you pay attention to a balanced diet and do not try to cover your iron needs with just one food. There are many iron-rich foods that you can turn to. This also includes plant products like nuts, grains, lentils, or beans, which provide you with a varied supply of iron.

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