Detox with a juice cleanse: you should know that

What is a cleansing juice?

A juice cleanse aims to detoxify the body and to rest a few days. It’s ideal if you haven’t eaten as healthy for a long period of time, such as after holidays or stressful phases. The principle is easy to explain: you completely abstaining from solid foods for a while. Instead, just drink:

  • cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices
  • Water
  • tea
  • homemade broth

The organism is relieved by light juices and clear broths. At the same time, you get all the essential nutrients and vitamins so you can replenish any stores that have been depleted. can do juice cleanses take different lengths of time. Beginners usually start with three days. However, it is also possible for a longer period of time five or seven days only drink juices. A juice cleanse should not be carried out any longer, as it is not suitable as a long-term diet. Keen followers of the juice diet sometimes fast up to four times a year in this manner.

Advantages and benefits of cleansing juice

through medication Pesticides in fruits and vegetables, industrially processed foods, caffeine and nicotine, we consume harmful substances every day. This can lead to indigestion, listlessness, and fatigue. This is exactly where the juice cleanse comes in: giving up solid food should increase the body’s natural cleansing powersso that it can better transport contaminants. The body’s detoxification organs, the liver and kidneys, have less to do during a juice cleanse. In this way, the toxins that have accumulated in the body can be better excreted.

What’s more: Cold-pressed juices are easier to digest than our usual food, so that digestion has a little break. This is good for the stomach and intestines. However, the body still receives all the vitamins and minerals it needs. Many people feel after a juice cleanse fitter and more dynamic – especially if you previously had frequent problems with tiredness and lethargy. In addition, a juice cleanse often has many other positive effects:

  • the complexion improves
  • Digestion is stimulated
  • the mood rises
  • the sense of taste becomes more intense
  • weight loss is possible
  • sleep quality improves

A juice cleanse can be easily integrated into everyday life. You can use yours as usual. exercise professional activity. Just don’t eat at the canteen at lunch time, just drink your juices. The good thing about this: you don’t have to hold out for several weeks, just a few days. If it’s easier for you, you can Mark the start of the weekend, if you have more peace and time for yourself. Some people also use a vacation week to juice fast. But that is not mandatory.

What juices for a juice cleanse?

Basically, you can juice your juice cleanse yourself. So you have the advantage that you are completely free to decide which ingredients should be in your juices. However, he is great effort for this. Many people fail to make fresh juice several times a day. Also requires separate juicer. Many beginners trying a juice cleanse for the first time opt for store-bought juices.

It is important not only to buy juices in the supermarket. The juices must be special. suitable for a juice cleanse be – cold pressed and sensibly assembled. Suppliers like LiveFresh are therefore ideal for beginners: you’ll get all the juices you need, for a three, five or seven day juice cure. Since the juices have a shelf life of at least four weeks after receipt, you have the option You can flexibly choose the start date of your detox treatment yourself.

Juice cleanse providers like LiveFresh make sure the ingredients in the juices are matches the time of day. In addition, the juices cover the daily vitamin requirement, minerals and trace elements. Even with juice fasting, the body lacks nothing.

If you decide to do a juice cleanse, a detox day might look like this:

  • 8am: Lemon and Orange Water
  • 10:00: Orange and guarana juice with lots of vitamin C and natural caffeine
  • 12 noon: Strawberry, mango and lime juice with trace elements and a shot of turmeric for dessert
  • 2pm: Healthy Beetroot Juice for another energy boost
  • 4 pm: green juice with kale, apple, spinach, lemon and moringa
  • 6 pm: Multijuice based on orange, pineapple and passion fruit and red shot with magnesium
  • 8:00 p.m. as a conclusion: tropical juice that relaxes and calms the body

Tips and Tricks: What to Look Out for During a Juice Cleanse

If you decide to go for a juice cleanse, there are a few things to consider. Take yourself following advice from the heart, so that the juice cleanse achieves the best possible result. Then you will also feel good during the cure. feel fit and energetic:

  • Start the juice cleanse if physically healthy are – so not during or shortly after an infection.
  • Get ready for detox. Avoid alcohol, sweets, fast food, and overeating one to two weeks in advance. Instead, eat lighter foods like salads, vegetables, and some fish or white meat. This allows digestion to adjust much more easily to the beginning of the juice cleanse. You will struggle less with hunger pangs.
  • Drink plenty during the juice cleanse, and not just the actual juices. It should be at least two liters of water or herbal tea without sugar per day. You can flavor your still water with cucumber, basil, lemon, or mint. Only sugary and carbonated drinks are prohibited. The same applies to alcohol and coffee: hands off!
  • Make sure you get enough sleep during your juice cleanse. Treat yourself during the day enough breaks. Remember: your body is now receiving significantly less energy in the form of calories than it was used to. Consequently, you need to approach everything a little more slowly.
  • If you were already physically active before your juice cleanse, you can do so during your juice cleanse as well. keep exercising. However, calorie intake is reduced for a few days. As a result, you may not be able to perform your usual workload. Do not overdo it and always listen to the signals of your body.
  • You are more likely to lose weight on a juice cleanse because it creates a calorie deficit. But: so that the kilos do not return immediately after juicing, it is also crucial then in one pay attention to healthy eating.

After the juice cleanse: what’s next?

Have you fasted for three, five or even seven days and only drank juices and broths? That’s a big hit! Now is the time to build on that. When you finish the juice cleanse, you need to check your body first gradually getting used to solid food again. Avoid eating foods that are difficult to digest, such as meat or fatty foods, for a few more days. Begin with small portions of fruits and vegetables. Boiled rice and potatoes are also well tolerated and therefore an ideal starting point after a juice fast.

For many people, a juice cleanse is the Start a healthier diet. Therefore, you should try not to fall back into old patterns right away. The most important basic rule after juicing is: take good care of your own body and listen to your feeling of satiety. Also, remember to drink enough fluids. Then you will be able to take the positive effects of the cleansing juice with you into your daily life.

Conclusion: A Juice Cleanse Can Pay Off in Many Cases

So is a juice cleanse worth trying? We say yes! Well done, a can of cleaning with juice many positive effects on the body and mind to have. Many people sleep better, feel more energetic, and can focus more time. Only you can find out for yourself what beneficial effects a cleansing juice has on you. Consequently, the following applies here: the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Give it a try and start with a juice cleanse towards a healthier diet.


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