Diet: 3 zodiac signs can tend to become overweight more quickly

Gourmet or stress eater: These three zodiac signs in particular have to watch their weight carefully.

There are zodiac signs that are true connoisseurs. Others eat when they are stressed. Once the kilos are eaten, it is difficult to get rid of them. We tell you which zodiac signs are especially affected and what you should pay attention to.

See the video above for a brief overview.

Taurus (April 21 – May 20): The Gourmet

Taurus is the gourmand of the zodiac signs and loves to eat. Diets are difficult for him, so Taurus should not try radical diets. This ends in the yo-yo. Even if he loses a few pounds at first, the joy doesn’t last. The bull does not go against his nature and will go back to eating “normally”, with the result that all his efforts have been in vain.


  • As a true gourmet, you find it difficult to do without. So that you don’t have to do this, try especially to control your portions and choose smaller amounts of unhealthy foods.
  • A Taurus is easygoing, and before you start creating a 90-day plan that you can’t stick to, make sure you take a half-hour walk every day. You just have to incorporate exercise into your daily life. Expectations that are too high are quickly disappointed. It shouldn’t be too strenuous and small milestones are the right way to gradually improve. If things go well, you can up the ante.

Important: Realize that you are a foodie and do not want to miss out on beautiful things. You have to be physically active to counter obesity.

Gemini (05/21 – 06/21): The lover of sweets

Gemini is a stress eater. Whether due to lovesickness or daily stress: you like to have an ice cream or a chocolate to relax and unwind. When everything is going well and you don’t feel stressed, you eat healthier foods more often. So try to identify your stress triggers and reduce them.


  • Diets are not for you. The twin must pay attention to fixed meal times. A versatile and varied protein-focused diet is right for you.
  • As with food, you love variety when it comes to sports and will try things until you find something that suits you. You like to do sports in a group, but classic activities like running, cycling or hiking are also your thing. Geminis need to exercise several times a week, especially to relieve stress.

Important: Organize your daily life and find a way to deal with your stress.

Cancer (06/22 – 07/22): The emotional devourer

Cancer is a sensitive person. Worries, lovesickness and everyday problems lead him to withdraw. When you feel good emotionally, you tend not to eat. Therefore, it would be advisable to find alternatives to eating frustration so that “emotional eating” no longer plays a role in your life.


  • Carbohydrates, fiber, and protein and healthy fats are important to your diet. You don’t need a diet. Water is your element and you need to drink a lot more of it. Skip the comforters like chocolate, fast food, and others to break the cycle.
  • Regular wellness breaks or relaxing evenings at home bring you down again. So that food does not determine your emotional world, look for activities that distract you from food. Since you are not hungry but frustrated, it will get better again and you will be proud that you endured. If you give in to the need, you will feel worse later. Try to find a healthy balance in your eating habits.

Important: In addition to exercise, you must find a way to deal with your feelings. Whether it’s a trusted person or psychological support, you need someone to talk to.

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