Diet: 5 things that happen when you drink coke regularly

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These 5 Things Happen When You Drink Coke Every Day

Woman Drinks Coke: These 5 Things Happen When You Drink Coke Every Day

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Do you also love tail? In fact, we know how unhealthy these sodas are… We’ve summed up what cola and co do to the body.

Despite all common sense, colas and other sugary drinks continue to end up in our shopping carts. Unfortunately, the light versions are often not much better for your health either. Because even though they get by without sugar and without calories, they are mixed with artificial sweeteners, which are quite controversial in medicine. How exactly does the consumption of colas and other soft drinks affect our health? The most important effects at a glance.

This is what happens when we drink coke regularly

1. High blood pressure

Sugar can increase blood pressure. But even if we use diet cola with artificial sweeteners, we have to take into account the increase in blood pressure. Because the light version also contains large amounts of salt and caffeine, which have a negative effect on our blood pressure. That’s why a study suggests that drinking too much cola can raise blood pressure.

2. Increased risk of disease

Mainly thanks to its negative effect on blood pressure, cola also increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, as well as dementia and diabetes, among other things. Studies prove that. Our kidneys and liver can also suffer from drinking cola, as another study with rats has revealed. And, unfortunately, the light version of soft drinks is usually not much healthier either, since, according to scientific studies, artificial sweeteners can also have negative consequences for the body.

3. Worst teeth

Sure: sugar damages our teeth (hello cavities!). But even sugar-free cola isn’t much better for your teeth, because both variants are full of acid that can attack toothaches. According to one study, phosphoric acid in particular damages teeth.

4. Skin problems

With the consumption of colas and other sugary drinks, we raise our blood sugar levels. This can lead to acne and other skin problems. But the high caffeine content also damages our skin. Caffeine removes moisture from it; the result can be dry skin, wrinkles, and overall stronger skin aging.

5. Bad sense of taste

It does not matter if it is the classic version with sugar or the light version with sweetener: cola tastes very sweet. This intense sweetness can dull the taste buds on our tongue, a study suggests. Therefore, it can happen that we also perceive other flavors with less intensity, and we salt or sweeten our food much more than what is really good for us.

As is often the case in life, drinking soda is a matter of moderation. If we treat ourselves to a tail from time to time, our body can handle it. However, very regular or even daily consumption can have long-lasting health consequences.

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