Diet: These 3 Foods Aren’t As Unhealthy As You Might Think

unjustly convicted
3 foods that are not as bad as they say they are

Two women eating chocolate: 3 foods that are not as bad as they say

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Foods are clearly divided into “healthy” and “unhealthy”. EITHER? Some foods are not as bad for our health as we think, at least if we pay attention to some things.

There are situations in which thinking in black and white makes our lives easier because we can better evaluate situations. But sadly, we use this kind of “good” and “bad” classification far too often, even in areas where it’s anything but sensible. This applies to nutrition, for example. Because we can’t just label foods “healthy” or “unhealthy” and brand the whole thing. After all, food is made up of countless components that, taken together, are not simply “good” or “bad.”

These particular foods are often said to be harmful to our health. Incorrectly! If we keep a few things in mind, these foods are not as unhealthy as we think.

These foods are not as unhealthy as is constantly claimed.

1. Grain

We usually immediately label bread and pasta made from grains as unhealthy. So many carbs! These are the important energy providers that we need to get energy and keep us full for a long time. As is often the case in life, the right amount is important here, because too much bread and the like can lead to an unpleasant feeling of fullness and other discomforts.

But as long as we are moderate and mostly eat whole grains (very important!), bread, pasta and the like can be important components of a balanced diet. Products made with wholemeal flour fill us up for a long time and give us energy. They owe this effect to so-called complex carbohydrates, which cause our blood sugar to rise slowly and steadily, in contrast to the simple carbohydrates in white flour, which cause blood sugar to rise and then fall with the same speed.

The dietary fibers it contains increase this effect. They not only keep you full for a long time, but also have a positive effect on digestion.

2. coffee

We love coffee! This is mainly due to the invigorating effect of the hot drink. The caffeine it contains inhibits the effect of adenosine, a messenger substance that normally signals tiredness to our body.

It is constantly stated how unhealthy coffee is. And yes, too much can be harmful. But in moderation, coffee is even good for our health. The elite US university, Harvard, found in a study that moderate coffee consumption, between three and five cups a day, can reduce the risk of heart disease by 15 percent compared to total abstinence from coffee. coffee. So if you stick to moderation, do something for your health with the much-loved pick-me-up!

3. chocolate

Chocolate is supposed to make us fat and sick. Dark chocolate in particular even has some health benefits! Because the high cocoa content ensures an equally large proportion of flavanols, which are secondary plant substances with an antioxidant effect. This means that they protect our cells from free radicals, such as environmental influences. According to a study by the Italian University of L’Aquila, dark chocolate can even have a positive effect on our heart health because, among other things, it lowers blood pressure.

If you want to enjoy your chocolate guilt-free, you need to be careful with the amount and make sure it contains at least 70 percent cocoa. There shouldn’t be too much sugar, butter and the like; a good indicator is cocoa as the first entry on the ingredient list.

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