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That Board of Directors the Volkswagen Foundation Has the suggestion of use of lower saxony ministry by Science and Culture (MWK) approved. As part of the structural line “research verbyourfinal and Priorities” 9 million euros flow to the Research Association “The Future of Nutrition Lower Saxonynorth ZERN” with the participation of the German Institute of Food Technology DIL me. v

Aof neverIn advance, 94.8 million euros will be invested in new projects in Saxony and €83.3 million flowing into projects that have already been approved. “178 million euros will be in this Year in the future of country invested. That it is good news”, so lower saxony Science Minister Björn THumler. “With this we are putting strong impulses in by U.S All the world important thematic areas What climate change, Water Administration, sustainability, animal welfare Y nutrition the Future, in that we need cutting-edge, application-oriented research.”

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On the structural line “Forresearch networks Y yesfocal points” flow 20.7 million Euro by new Plan. This also includes the research association “Future of Nutrition in lower saxony ZERN”, which receives financing of 9 million euros. With the associationyou the DIL German Institute for Food Technology in Quakenbrück With the JorgeAugustUniversity of Göttingen and the foundation, endowment veterinary school Hannover created a concept whose main objective is to take action develop, the the transformationnation of agricultural Y nutritional system in Lower Saxony should support, under mounting pressure to adapt supports

a the agricultural production is applicable it’s aspects What animal Welfare, climate change Y sustainability future stronger a considernorth. With the prospects outside towards research network objective the sustainable Generation, Food processing and marketing become possible and the future of nutrition are designed. The DIL will finance the development of an extraction and functionalization process for the use of grassland proteins for human nutrition and the creation of a junior research group in the field of food physics.

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