Don’t you drink water with meals? Researchers clear up the myth

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No Water to Eat: Myth or Real Health Advice? (Iconic image) © Hauke-Christian Dittrich/dpa

No water with food: Almost everyone knows this parenting rule, but what is it really about? Is it real dietary advice or just a myth?

Bonn – Drinking water is important, this fact should already have been part of almost every breeding. However, in many families there is a widespread myth that the elixir of life should not be ingested while eating.

But what is this? Does eating water have a negative effect on digestion or maybe even be beneficial? The German Nutrition Society in Bonn is now dispelling the myth.

Water with meals: one thing clear for Antje Gahl

For Antje Gahl, a graduate ecotrophologist from the Society for Nutrition, the matter is clear. “The general statement that it is bad to drink before or during meals is not true,” Gahl told

  • Positive effects of water on digestion:
  • Glides better: Water is the transport medium and solvent for nutrients in food.
  • source effect: Water also promotes swelling of the chyme in the intestine.
  • Water instead of soft drinks: High-calorie sugary drinks provide an unnecessary extra portion of calories, so water should be used, especially with children.
  • Source: Antje Gahl

According to the nutritionist, anyone who drinks a glass of water while eating is doing something good for their digestion. Just before eating, drinking too much water can lead to a premature feeling of fullness.

Video: With these 6 tricks you drink more water

Water as an important part of nutrition: these tips will help you drink enough

The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture summarized the importance of water for people in the brochure “Drink water, stay fit”. Many find it difficult to drink enough water, so here are some practical tips:

  • Find out how much you drink: Write down how much and what you drink for a few days.
  • Out of sight, out of mind: Therefore, always place drinks so that they are visible.
  • Water to eat: It is even recommended here to drink a glass of water with each meal.
  • Always have water with you: Always carry a sufficient amount of water with you on trips, car rides or excursions.
  • Electronic help: Remember to drink with the help of a drinking alarm clock or app.
  • Source: Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture

The general rule of thumb for adults is to drink around 1.5 liters of water a day. While drinking too little water is harmful to the body, too much fluid is usually not a problem, according to the federal ministry. So the general recommendation not to drink water with meals is a myth. It would be better to teach children to listen to their bodies. True to the motto: He who is thirsty must drink. (Lucas Mayer)

Various myths also surround vegan nutrition, and researchers have now unequivocally answered whether it is healthy.

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