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Keto Diet Meal Plan
DISCOUNT! Lose weight with this keto meal plan

Do you want to lose weight on the ketogenic diet, but don’t know how to implement the concept of no carbohydrates in everyday life? The right nutrition plan for you, now reduced!

The human body can obtain its energy from various sources. Did you know that you can program your body to use mostly (body) fat instead of carbohydrates from food for energy? With the so-called ketogenic diet, you can control exactly that and finally get rid of even the most stubborn fat deposits or kilos. The key to success is called “ketosis,” and it’s also the very name of the ketogenic diet. But what exactly does it mean? From April 11 to 17, 2022 you will receive this program as the nutrition plan of the week at a reduced price of only €9.90 instead of €14.90. What are you waiting for? Get started on the ketogenic diet right away!

You can download our 8 week ketogenic diet plan directly here:

Lose weight with fat and protein = ketogenic diet

You can reduce your body fat by eating more fat. It sounds weird, but it works. If your diet consists mainly of fat and protein, but few carbohydrates, your body automatically switches to so-called ketosis out of necessity. In this state, you use fatty acids, either from food or your fat stores, instead of glucose for energy, and you convert fatty acids to ketone bodies in your liver. These are small, water-soluble compounds that can be distributed with the blood to all cells in the body, where they are available as a source of energy. Here we explain ketosis again in detail.

What foods are ketogenic?

The ketogenic diet is called a no-carb diet for a reason, because it’s an extreme form of low-carb nutrition. In other words: carbohydrates are taboo: you should consume a maximum of 50 grams of them per day. To illustrate: An apple alone contains 21 grams of carbohydrates, a large serving of pasta for lunch even 90 grams You won’t find pasta, pizza and bread on our nutrition plan. Ketogenic foods are mainly high in fat and protein, such as high-quality fish, meat, eggs, oils, nuts and seeds, cheese, and deli meats. Of course, vegetables and fruits should not be missing from your diet, but they should be low-fructose varieties (fructose = fruit sugar), such as berries or papaya.

In our nutrition plan you will find 8 complete weekly plans with a total of 40 smart keto dishes. So you don’t have to plan anything yourself, because we’ve taken care of logic, taste and variety. Have fun eating and losing weight!

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Kathleen Schmidt-Prange

Kathleen Schmidt-Prange


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