Easter: How many eggs can you eat without harming your health?

One, two, three, four: can too many (Easter) eggs harm your health?

More eggs are eaten at Easter

At Easter there are eggs, many eggs.

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There are eggs at Easter. That is the tradition. But how many a day can be consumed without hesitation before health suffers? A check.

At no other time of the year are so many eggs eaten as at Easter, and in all possible variations. Brightly colored, hard-boiled chicken eggs are a classic in the Easter basket. But how many of them can you eat in a day before it becomes unhealthy? After all, eggs have a reputation for raising cholesterol levels.

An egg every day and two on Sundays? The Comedian Harmonists’ song is about laying eggs and not about eating them, but many Germans don’t take it too seriously. According to the Federal Office for Food and Agriculture, everyone in Germany ate an average of 230 eggs in 2017. That’s about four and a half a week. And even if healthy people ate several eggs at Easter, according to the German Nutrition Society (DGE), this is “probably not a concern”. No upper limit for egg consumption can be derived from the available scientific knowledge.

But what we now know: chicken eggs contain many nutrients. These include protein, vitamins, and minerals like iron and zinc, as well as folic acid. And egg fat isn’t a problem either, because it’s made up of more than 60 percent monosaturated fatty acids. This makes them an important element in a balanced diet. But what about the cholesterol in the yolk? After all, cholesterol is one of the most dangerous risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Easter: The egg alone is not a problem

Cholesterol is produced by the body itself, so it does not have to be supplied externally. In healthy people, the cholesterol level regulates itself. The German Heart Foundation quotes Ulrich Laufs from the Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board as saying exactly how eggs affect cholesterol levels. Cholesterol intake depends a lot on the rest of your diet and other factors and not just eating eggs. The importance of diet for cholesterol and cardiovascular risk is often overestimated. “The key to risk reduction is physical activity and not smoking,” he says.

Eating a few more eggs for a short time at Easter is not a problem for healthy people. However, care must be taken with the eggs that are eaten. You can read here again why the colorful ready-made Easter eggs from the supermarket are not the best option.

Sources: DGE, German Heart Foundation, Oekotest


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