eat happy This is how nutrition affects the psyche

This is how certain foods can make you happier

Food is not just pure calories. Everything we eat triggers reactions in the body. The microbiome plays an important role in this question. There are probably even foods that improve our mood.

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In nutritional medicine, for a long time food was understood mainly as calories, as providers of energy. This led to the fact that diets were considered a good idea. Compulsive abstinence from eating just means the body hits the stop button. And he, when he eats normally again, creates new and, above all, usually even larger fat reserves. Hardly anyone and hardly anyone escapes the yo-yo effect. In recent years, however, there has been a rethinking. The understanding prevailed that calories bring with them much more. And each food with its wild mixture of components also triggers a reaction in the human body. We are not just a container that is filled with food.

The link between diet and mood is clear

Sometimes it’s healthy omega-3 fatty acids, sometimes it’s important vitamins, but it can also be pathogenic trans fats and bad carbs. What does that have to do with our state of mind? And why is there the line “How Certain Foods Can Make You Happier” at the top of this article? Because there is also a well-documented connection between diet and mood. It is becoming increasingly clear that the brain and gut communicate with each other through numerous nerve pathways and messenger substances. For a long time it was assumed that this was their kind of one-way street, where the brain sets the direction. But obviously both organs exchange information very intensely in both directions. The center of this conversation is the microbiome. Thus the enormous totality of all the bacteria, fungi and viruses that live on us and in us. The intestine in particular is richly populated with it. Because they convert the food we eat into countless messenger substances. We could not survive without the microbiome.

An exciting topic to which we have dedicated an entire episode in our podcast “She runs. He runs.” We look for clues and explain how the brain and intestines work together. And, above all, what foods are good for our little roommates and thus put us in a good mood. And how the right diet can even have an impact on mental health.

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