Eat insects: high-protein foods as an alternative to meat

Fun facts about eating insects:

  1. there are all over the world more than 1400 species of edible insects
  2. For two billion people worldwide insects are already part of the usual diet
  3. The Food and Agriculture Organization says: without eating insectshumanity will not enough in the future Will
  4. In the Swiss Insect products have been around for 2016 in the grocery stores

That’s why insects are healthy.

Insects are rich in protein, almost free of fat and carbohydrates, and also contain many minerals and vitamins. Termites, for example, contain twice as much iron as the same amount of beef (considered one of the best sources of iron). They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

In parts of Asia, Africa and South America, eating insects is completely normal, and grasshoppers, beetles, moths, pupae, larvae or worms could soon become part of our diet as well. After all, until the middle of the 20th century, people in Germany and France were familiar with beetle soup made from ground beetles fried in butter.

Eating insects: valuable food and climate savior

eating insects


According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the growing human population will no longer be able to get enough food in the future without eating insects. According to the FAO report, there are more than 1,400 species of edible insects. And Switzerland is now leading the way in Europe.

The Swiss Federal Office for Food Safety recently announced that insects will be included in the food ordinance of our neighboring country from 2016 and can be offered in grocery stores. Since the beginning of 2018, they are subject to the EU regulation on novel foods and can also be sold here. This closed the legal loophole that had existed until then.

What is still quite unusual for Europe has been a part of everyday life in other countries for a long time: For two billion people worldwide, insects are already a natural and regular part of their own food.

Eating insects protects the climate

In addition to their excellent nutrient profile, insects have another advantage: They produce far less greenhouse gas than pigs or cattle. They also need less food than feed and less water.

They also turn their food into meat faster. But even if some jungle camp participants consumed insects in front of a large television audience, it remains questionable whether grasshoppers or scorpions will prevail over steak and schnitzel. However, we already have restaurants that serve insects.

And of course you can order insects to eat online. They have everything from chocolate covered grasshoppers to scorpion popsicle!

The bug-eating trend has already spawned a new job title: so-called “entrepreneurs” – a neologism of the Greek entomon (insect) and the French impresario (entrepreneur) – open insect-related stores of food products.

What should be taken into account when eating insects?

If you’re ordering an insect protein bar or snack, make sure they’re made with edible insects that are organic. It is important that insects are not consumed in the wild as they can transmit disease.

It should always be ensured that processed insects have been raised for human consumption.


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