Eat pasta: with a simple trick, calorie bombs become healthier

Save calories and at the same time fill your stomach with pasta, potatoes and rice? This works! A trick makes food healthier.

Dortmund: Eating pasta without restrictions and wanting to lose a few kilos at the same time, don’t they go hand in hand? Even! Because with this life hack, pasta, potatoes and rice not only have fewer calories, but also have other positive effects on the body.

Food pasta
Base ground grain
possible ingredients Wheat, water, possibly egg and salt.

Eat pasta and still save calories: this simple trick also works with potatoes and rice

Noodles with sauce or au gratin in a casserole – simply delicious! But the food, along with rice, is considered high in calories and is often avoided when trying to lose weight. But that doesn’t have to be. Because once the pasta has cooled down, it has a number of advantages.

But the amazing thing was that chilled pasta, potatoes (which are low in calories anyway), and cold rice have fewer calories than freshly prepared. If you let these foods get cold, their structure changes. The process converts normal starch into resistant starch; it can hardly be processed by the body.

Save calories on pasta, potatoes and rice: the refreshing trick has other benefits

Antje Gahl from the German Nutrition Society explained online focus: “When starchy foods are cooled, resistant starch is produced as a degradation product. This has a positive effect on the intestinal flora, regulates it the blood sugar level and may even help you lose weight.” Chilling cooked pasta or potatoes has the additional positive effect that the blood sugar level does not spike immediately after consumption, less insulin is released and food cravings are prevented.

Another plus point: resistant starch keeps you full longer and has a strong effect fit for fun it has a positive effect on cholesterol levels and the body gets fewer calories from carbohydrate-rich food. This is especially good if your goal is to lose weight. It is not yet clear how many calories can actually be saved. Antje Gahl reports on early studies that showed that ten to twenty percent of calories could be saved.

Reheating pasta has an unexpected effect on the body

However, if you don’t feel like eating cold pasta, potatoes and rice forever, you don’t have to despair. Because the amazing cooling effect is even more pronounced when the food is reheated.

About this surprising find is the BBC It came as part of an experiment. The test subjects ate freshly cooked pasta that had been chilled overnight and pasta that had been reheated on different days. The result: Post-measured blood sugar levels rose much less with cold pasta that was reheated than with cold or even freshly cooked pasta.

Cook pasta and let it cool: all the benefits of fiber, without changing your diet

the BBC concludes that pasta, both cold and reheated, provides all the benefits of fiber without the need to change the diet. Because resistant starch behaves similarly to dietary fiber, it gets noisy online focus also undigested in the large intestine and is broken down by active bacteria. This should also strengthen the intestinal flora.

But what is the best way to use the effect? When is pasta cold enough? Several consumer portals recommend letting pasta, or potatoes or rice, cool overnight. This is how the testers have it BBC– Attempt made. It is important to keep food in the refrigerator. Otherwise, pathogens can develop. It’s a good idea to warm the noodles in cold water after cooking.

Are noodles fattening? None! There is a trick you can use to save calories.

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Pre-cooked pasta: meal preparation has many advantages

If you want to take advantage of the positive effects, you can fully rely on precooking, also known as meal preparation. A larger portion of a meal is prepared and eaten over several days. Practical, tasty and apparently even healthier than expected. You can even use the pasta water afterwards.

Important: Although cold noodles have fewer calories and provide other benefits, they are not a substitute for a healthy and balanced diet. In addition to pasta, the ideal is to always include fruits and vegetables and whole grain products on the menu.

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