Eating for a healthy heart: the ideal meal plan for morning, noon and night – nutrition

Hey folks, when it comes to nutrition, I have some great news for you: Contrary to popular belief, eating healthy is extremely easy, all you need to do is
two rules

  1. Eat real foods, especially plant-based, unprocessed, “real” foods,
    that is, those that Grandma and Grandpa would have recognized as food, and
  2. it is best to prepare your own food
    because then you know what’s inside.

Ok, so far the theory. Knowing how difficult it is to find your way to a healthier diet, today I’ve put together an “ideal” meal plan for you that you can use to get you through the day easily, quickly, and tastefully, while still being extremely enthusiastic. -healthy.

For breakfast:
Wholemeal oatmeal and fruit porridge

Then let’s get started! For breakfast I have my legendary and delicious wholemeal oatmeal and fruit porridge, which I briefly boil without sugar with non-dairy milk, for example, unsweetened oat milk. I then pour this very hot over my mixed berries that I have kept in the freezer, it’s a wonderful “fire and ice” effect, try it!

Everything is then covered with a few walnuts and flaxseeds and on special days with some grated 80% chocolate and a bit of cinnamon, voila! It tastes great and can be combined with different fruits every day.

What makes this breakfast so heart healthy?

Oats contain beta-glucans, special fibers that lower our cholesterol and blood sugar levels. In addition, with this breakfast you also provide antioxidants, that is, “radical scavengers”, which reduce our risk of arteriosclerosis, for example through the berries it contains.

I don’t think I have to say much about nuts, which are the “powerhouse” of heart-healthy cooking and a favorite of all cardiologists, as they contain fiber, healthy fats and phytochemicals, all of which contribute to our health heart at different levels.

And between us it is very practical: the porridge not only tastes great, it is also super filling, so we don’t have to eat as much. If, like me, you like intermittent fasting and often skip breakfast, no problem, this porridge tastes great for lunch too!

For lunch: salad with fruit and tofu

At lunchtime, of course, there are many different and delicious plant-based dishes that I serve. I almost always start with a delicious appetizer salad. It’s already super filling and can get by with a much smaller entree and already has plenty of vitamins and filling fibers “in”.

Very often I eat the salad as a main dish for lunch, then of course a little bigger. Everything I have in there goes into the salad.

such as various leafy salads, cucumber, fresh tomatoes, a small onion, and usually also a fruit component, such as a pear or apple grated into small pieces.

Then he “pimps” it all with delicious legumes, which give you healthy plant-based protein and therefore long-lasting satiety. My favorites here are chickpeas and different types of beans, like kidney beans, black beans, or navy beans. Legumes are one of the healthiest things out there anyway, and with our hearts smiling, we should be eating that much more often!

Important: It is best to buy them dry

and if you soak them overnight then you don’t need to boil them as long and above all you save a lot of waste! On special days I put a piece of trout fillet or a piece of salmon on top of the salad or, even more often, I fry some Szechuan tofu and sprinkle it on top of the salad along with some roasted pumpkin seeds…wonderful! !

The dressing for the salad

The “business card” of every salad is, of course, the dressing. I usually make my dressing with a good olive or flaxseed oil along with the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon, salt, pepper, mustard.

Simply prepare it yourself according to your taste, it’s just important that you also observe our second initial diet rule here, that is, actually make the dressing yourself – you wouldn’t believe the masses of sugar and bad fat that the industry packages ready. He made dressings, that’s what ruined the whole salad.

For dinner: Chili sin carne with wild rice and dark chocolate

And here we are at dinner! Here’s an example of another absolutely fantastic dish for our heart health: Chili-sin-carne with wild rice. Here, too, legumes, especially red and black beans, are used as a source of satiety fiber and protein.

Wild rice is said to have numerous positive effects on our heart, in contrast to husked rice. Worst of all here is the jasmine rice, which spikes blood sugar even faster than pure sugar solution! So always use wild rice or brown rice.

Also, our hearts are happy because of the variety of spices that are used in a chili. Garlic, chilli, pepper have an anti-inflammatory effect and therefore protect us from arteriosclerosis.

And now comes the kicker: a piece of dark chocolate, that is to say at least 70 percent more, gives our chili that special touch and contains many polyphenols that protect the heart and, due to the high cocoa content, only a few Few problem sugars. In fact, studies show that moderate consumption of chocolate can even protect our hearts. I personally enjoy a small piece of 70% chocolate most days.

Heart healthy diet: what should you pay attention to?

So folks, that was an example and a very practical one of a heart-healthy culinary journey throughout the day. In addition to the two dietary rules mentioned at the beginning, you will remember:

  • eat real, unprocessed food
  • get ready,

I would like to recommend two things:

  1. Try to avoid snacks as much as possible
    because these cause our blood sugar level to rise again and again and thus cause our already usually overworked pancreas to release insulin.
  2. You don’t have to eat three meals a day.
    like in my example today. Especially in today’s times of “too much”, every meal not eaten is a good meal and gives our metabolism a break. Try to get by with just two meals within eight hours in the sense of a 16:8 fasting interval, I can only recommend it!

So action speaks louder than words! Give it a try, until then, stay healthy,

your Dr Heart.

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