Eating very little? Irregular diet has these terrifying consequences on the body

The stressful job, the diet or the annoying illness: many people he only eats very little. But as same as Too much food not good for them Health that is, it also does enormous damage if very little of that eat.

about our food we take Energy that our body needs to function. If the body lacks this energy, this may not only be a short-term problem. drop in performance lead; in the long run, it can even lead to serious illnesses. Yes muscles, hormones either Hair: A malnutrition it manifests itself in many ways.

What is really too little to eat?

how much to eat, the amount of energy a body needs varies from person to person. It depends age, sex, heightbut also the physical condition.

Towards daily energy needs To determine, a distinction is made between basal metabolism and performance metabolism. Basal metabolic rate is what the body needs to be at complete rest. life support functions What breathing, Heartbeat Y digestion hold. When it comes to performance, there is also the energy requirement resulting from daily activities.

When it comes to eating, “too little” is when you consume fewer calories than your basal metabolic rate specifies.

Malnutrition has these terrifying consequences

As already mentioned, one affects malnutrition many different areas of the body and can, especially if it lasts longer, even have drastic health consequences. This is what happens when you eat too little:

1. Decreased blood sugar levels

Most people have probably already noticed this phenomenon, because it happens after a few hours: if you haven’t eaten for a while, your blood sugar drops significantly. we feel restless Y tiredto have concentration problems and they are irritated. Too low a blood sugar level often shows up as tremors either Vertigo.

2. Cravings

If you eat little throughout the day, you will get it at the latest at night. food cravings. This is the body’s response to a lack of energy supply: it demands high-calorie and often unhealthy food. And as fast as possible.

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3. Weight gain

It’s not just food cravings that can cause you to gain weight even if you eat very little. There is also another reason: the body stores due to elevated levels of cortisol. Water – and looks puffy as a result.

4. Sleep disorders

Sleep can also get worse if you eat too little. If you go to bed hungry, the hormone ghrelin puts your body on alert. trouble falling asleep or staying asleep They are the consequence.

5. Muscle breakdown

Muscles consume a lot of energy. If the body lacks energy, the intake of muscles and breaks them. This can also lower your basal metabolic rate: you burn fewer calories and become weaker. If you then go back to eating normally later, the well-known “yo-yo effect” can occur because the body uses less energy than before.

6. Hormonal disorders

Especially in women it can hormone balance they become grossly unbalanced if they eat too little. That’s how she can Menstruation absent because the hormone estrogen is missing. He too Bone can be attacked and fragile Will. In extreme cases it can osteoporosis be the result.

7. Nutrient deficiency

If the body receives too little food, it naturally lacks the nutrients. This can lead to a wide range of health problems: fatigueexhaustion, headache and even Hair loss may be the result.

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