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She Finally on her trip in Nepal. Photo: private

Ella Endlich has changed a lot in her life since she traveled to Asia in early 2020, including her attitude towards nutrition and clothing. “I consciously live with less,” says the singer in an interview.

Ella Endlich (37) made a special trip before the coronavirus pandemic: the singer visited Sri Lanka, Thailand and Nepal in early 2020. After that, she radically changed her life, like her attitude towards food and clothes. “I live consciously with less. My stage wardrobe is no longer available and natural cosmetics are now my daily companion,” she says in an interview with the news agency spot on news. The winner of “The Masked Singer” also talks about her new album “Sternschwimmer” and her birthday on June 18.

You spent 44 days in Asia before the coronavirus pandemic. How did that happen?

Ella Endlich: A long cherished dream. Just a backpack and me. We then went to Sri Lanka for a detox/Ayurveda cure. After that, I took some time to dive in Thailand and then my time came in Nepal, in the Himalayas. The last season was hard, with strong weather in the mountains, torrential rains, cold nights and endless roads.

How was this trip an inspiration for your new album?

Finally: The album is the essence of two trips. A great trip to Asia and that has been given to all of us in the last two years. I wanted to push boundaries, discover new genres and use my voice differently. That released something in me and I started to go places musically that I had never been before. That’s where the term “star swimmer” comes from.

In your song “44 Days” you deal with travel and, among other things, draw attention to the issue of environmental pollution. Have you treated this topic differently since then?

Finally: I personally changed my attitude towards nutrition and clothing after this trip. I live consciously with less. It was no longer okay for me to accumulate so much that it has no value. Today I focus on some good things around me. I also learned a few things about my diet. I am super happy at the market with a basket full of fresh local vegetables. Also, my stage costumes are no longer available and natural cosmetics are now my daily companion.

He turned off his mobile phone during the trip. How was that for you? Have you been taking frequent breaks from social media ever since?

Finally: Yes, I try to find the balance in dealing with social networks. Everyone has the right to a break.

In your album you also deal with the issue of envy among women. Do you think that social networks are adding fuel to the fire? Many suffer from it because they constantly compare themselves to others there.

Finally: I realize that too and that’s why I thought of the lyrics for “I’ll treat you to that”. I see a lot of envy and resentment and I can imagine how painful exclusion feels. We must not forget one thing: only together are we really strong. Especially women develop incredible kindness and great generosity towards each other when the ego fades. I wanted to tell about it. You have to learn to treat yourself and work on your own self-confidence.

His new album will be released on June 17. Only one day later you celebrate your birthday. Do you have something special planned? How will you spend the day?

Finally: I will celebrate with my closest associates, musicians and family. A barbecue with loud music. Of course, we also listen to the new album and toast to it.

Do you want something special?

Finally: I do not want anything material. It must be a good party.

The 40 are getting closer. Does that bother you?

Finally: No. I think every age is exciting.

How do you remember your victory in “The Masked Singer” as Zebra? Do you sometimes miss your costume?

Finally: I really enjoyed the time of “The Masked Singer”. I enjoyed the costume, found my humor in it, and loved rapping. The team was incredibly nice and the audience quickly fell in love with the zebra. Physically it was very exhausting and sometimes impossible to sing well with lack of air. But to be honest: “Let’s Dance” can’t beat anything in terms of physical sacrifice.

What other professional and private plans do you have for this year?

Finally: many things will happen. The album “Sternschwimmer” is coming out and I’m on tour with it. In December, as always, I go on tour with my father. “Finally Christmas” is the name of the concert and we will be guests in beautiful churches. I will then do a big “Sternschwimmer” tour in the spring of 2023, a show that I am currently putting all my heart and soul into.


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