Expert Tips & Talk: When Kids Fuss While Eating

“But I don’t like broccoli!” Parents probably hear this or something similar from their children often when it comes to healthy eating. How can you make a healthy diet appealing to picky eaters? Health Knowledge Foundation provides tips and offers expert chat.

When it comes to food, children often have their own tastes: sometimes spaghetti with ketchup is supposed to be served every day, then everything green is rejected with a wrinkled nose, or carrots that were delicious yesterday Suddenly they don’t taste good anymore. This can drive parents to despair. The good news is that it is perfectly normal for children to not want to eat some foods. Young children, in particular, reject foods with which they are not yet familiar.

With these six tips and a little patience, you may be able to give your child a new taste after all:

  1. Stay tuned! Some children need to taste foods more often or see their parents, siblings, or friends eat these things too, and do so as normal.
  2. Offer fruits and vegetables in a child-friendly way: put faces on bread with raw vegetables, for example, or arrange vegetables in a colorful pattern on the plate.
  3. You can also get creative with the name: “little trees” and “snowman noses” sound much more exciting than “broccoli” or “carrots.”
  4. “Hide” healthy foods if the child won’t eat them otherwise. You can, for example, B. Puree fruits and vegetables and make juices or smoothies with them.
  5. Some children are more interested in healthy eating if they choose fruits and vegetables when they go shopping and then can help cook.
  6. Children’s portions sometimes seem too small to adults. But your child will probably stop eating when he is no longer hungry. In this case, do not force him to continue eating. In estimating portion sizes for children, a general rule of thumb helps in two ways: The size of a child’s hand can serve as a comparison for a serving of meat. With vegetables, legumes or side dishes like potatoes and pasta, it can be two hands full of children.


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