f.eh mobilizes against food waste

Additional weather bonus redeemable yourself. The campaign provides information on food waste through information screens and free cards and imparts knowledge about best before dates.

Vienna (OTS) A two-person household in Austria throws away up to 300 euros a year in the form of still edible food. This can be avoided by shopping with a shopping list, storing food properly, and using leftovers. But the lack of knowledge about the best before date (MHD) also contributes to food waste. the forum Therefore, nahrung heute (f.eh) is starting a campaign against food waste together with the educational group Dialogue with Society, the Ecosocial Forum, the Austrian Farmers, the Research Institute for Organic Agriculture and the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism. Information screens and city lights will be displayed for a week and free cards will be handed out to raise awareness about food waste. Because throwing away less food not only protects ecologically valuable resources, but also the family budget. f.eh also calls for children and young people to receive relevant knowledge about food and its storage and processing at school through comprehensive education on nutrition and consumption.

The EU Commission has declared war on food waste with the Green Deal and the “Farm to Fork” strategy. Because worldwide, 1.3 billion tonnes of food is lost each year, either as household waste or along the value chain. Therefore, about a third of the food produced is wasted or not used.

half at home

Around half of avoidable food waste is caused by consumers, the other half is shared by agriculture, gastronomy, production and trade. This image is not only evident in Austria, it is also similar in other EU countries, such as Germany. “This means that not only food is wasted, but also the resources necessary for its production, that is, everything that has been used in terms of water, surface, labor, means of production, energy, logistics and machinery. Food is therefore also wasted. It contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions and is one of the key drivers of resource wastage in general and wasted electricity and gas,” says Marlies Gruber, CEO of f. Hey.

“Each and every person can redeem an additional climate bonus by consuming as much food as possible. This saves up to EUR 150 per person per year and makes an ecologically relevant contribution,” says Gruber. With smart shopping planning, proper storage and creative use of leftovers, food waste can be avoided almost entirely, Gruber emphasizes. “It is also important, especially in summer temperatures, that the cold chain is not broken for refrigerated goods on the way home. When it comes to home storage, the rule is first in, first out. New products end up at the back of the shelves and older stock gradually moves to the front.”

interpret MHD correctly

Knowledge of the meaning and use of the best before date is also relevant. Because food that is still in perfect condition is often thrown away because the best before date has passed. Describes the point in time up to which an unopened food retains its taste, odour, consistency, color and nutritional values ​​unchanged if properly stored. However, consumers can use their own senses to check if the food is still edible: “look, smell, taste” is the motto. In the case of the expiration date, which is given to perishable products, consumption should be avoided once it has passed.

“Knowledge about food and the corresponding nutritional skills should be taught to children and young people in school through appropriate didactic content. However, with the campaign against food waste, we want to draw general attention to the issue and show that you can be sustainable and at the same time you can eat with pleasure and save money effectively”, emphasizes Marlies Gruber.

The video of the information screen can be viewed on f.eh’s YouTube channel. The free card theme can be downloaded here.

At forum-ernaehrung.at you will find numerous tips against food waste as well as a questionnaire on the topic of food waste. Here you can test your knowledge and get practical advice.

Questions and contact:

forum.nutrition today
Schwarzenbergplatz 6, 1037 Vienna
Telephone: +43 (1) 712 33 44


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