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Infant health influenced by paternal diet before conception

This affects the nutrition in health generations far. According to a current study, even the paternal nutrition before conception lasting effect on the children’s health or have grandchildren.

A Sino-German research team professor doctor doctor Berthold Hocher of the Medical University of Mannheim has studied in rats how an unhealthy parents diet before the procreation of offspring in the offspring health affects The results of the study were published in the “FASEB Journal”.

Impact on the health of the fetus

It has long been known that environmental factorsthat affect the health of an expectant mother in pregnancy, such as environmental pollution, stress or one unhealthy dietit can also harm the health of the fetus, the team reports.

In recent years, however, evidence has grown that the father’s diet influences the child’s health even before conception. So the research group had to Professor Horcher already demonstrated in mice in 2018 that unhealthy paternal nutrition also causes changes in the organs of the offspring.

Epigenetic preprogramming of diseases?

According to the researchers, the so-called epigenetic mechanisms (inherited changes in gene expression). They practically preprogram certain developments in the offspring.

For cardiovascular and kidney diseases, such maternal programming already tested in several studies, the researchers report. In the new animal study, they have now investigated whether a parental programming of kidney diseases.

Paternal nutrition and kidney disease

“Specifically, the question of whether an unhealthy diet of the father/grandfather can have negative effects on the renal function and the morphology of the kidneys of the offspring was investigated”informs the Medical University of Mannheim in a press release.

For the study, male rats were approximately two generations an unhealthy diet with high levels of Fat, carbohydrates Y Salt the researchers explain. Subsequently, the impact on kidney health the offspring examined.

Renal function was measured using the so-called glomerular filtration rate (volume filtered by the glomeruli of the kidneys per unit of time) and possible kidney damage based on the albumin excretion determined in the urine.

Significant consequences in the second generation.

According to the researchers, the deviations of both parameters were not yet significant in the first generation of offspring. But in second generation female offspring (F2), whose parents also had an unhealthy diet, it is important decreased glomerular filtration rate and a significant one increased albumin excretion It occurred.

For this reason, the team has detailed these second-generation animals morphological and biochemical analysis subdued. so i could actually kidney damage be detected. The animals showed a kidney fibrosis and a glomerular sclerosisthe researchers report.

It has also become clear how the diet of an unhealthy father or grandfather affects female offspring during sperm formation. prone to kidney disease I might. The culprit is a different expression of certain genes in the kidneys. epigenetic mechanisms will be mediated

The changes were found in both gene methylation and the expression of non-coding regulatory RNA molecules in the kidneys.

Father’s nutrition with lasting effect.

“In fact, the animal study shows that an unhealthy diet from the father before conception for two generations predisposes F2 female offspring to the development of chronic kidney disease.”how that professor dr bernhard kramer of the Medical University of Mannheim.

Further studies must now be conducted to determine the extent to which these findings can be transferred to humans. Professor Horcher. If the results are confirmed in humans, this could be of great importance. preventive nutritional medicine be. (fp)

Author and source of information

This text corresponds to the specifications of the specialized medical literature, medical guidelines and current studies and has been reviewed by medical professionals.


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