Finally losing weight permanently: what you can do against the yo-yo effect

Not infrequently, the yo-yo effect hits after dieting and immediately destroys weight loss and leanness. Our tips show that this does not have to be the case, with which you can make the diet sustainable.

The unwanted yo-yo effect

The yo-yo effect is a pretty undesirable candidate in your diet.

You are really trying. No sweets, no carbs, work out till you drop, just drink water and unsweetened tea. A broth in between.

If you last a few days, you can be happy when you get on the scale: three or four kilos have disappeared.

Great, done and back to old habits. And as soon as the pounds are gone, they’re right back on your hips. Sometimes after a few days the scale shows even more than before.

This is the infamous yo-yo effect that has hit here.

That is why the yo-yo effect occurs after a diet

The yo-yo effect is really nothing more than a survival strategy that the body has trained in the course of evolution.

Our ancestors faced famine on a regular basis. The phases in which people had to make do with little food used to last for months. To survive, the body drew on the fat reserves it had built up in the good old days of the food supply.

This purely physiological strategy continues to this day. If you have accumulated fat stores and want to get rid of them, it will take time.

Your body is smart about losing weight. During the diet, it limits your energy supply. So it manages to get more time out of fat deposits.

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The diet reduces your energy intake. Instead of fat, your body breaks down muscle first. Since the muscles actually consume a lot of energy and after the crash diet there is less mass, the need for energy that you need decreases.

If you go back to eating normally, you are giving your body too much energy. The weight increases rapidly.

Hormones also come into play. Leptin is produced in fat cells. It curbs the appetite when released and ensures that calorie intake is increased.

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If the pounds drop with you, the leptin level drops automatically. As a result, both the feeling of hunger and energy consumption decrease. That controls your brain.

You need to know these connections to understand why you quickly end up in the post-diet yo-yo trap. If you automatically return to your usual eating habits after the diet, Jojo has it easy.

Lose weight without the yo-yo effect with these tips

If you observe a few criteria, you can lose weight without the yo-yo effect setting in later.

It doesn’t take much for this. Lose weight slowly, eat a high-protein diet, and move properly and a lot. In detail, your plan looks like this:

  • slow down It is more efficient and healthy. With faster weight loss, your body slows down the metabolism because it feels the danger of starving. So take your time and make sure the weight loss 0.5 to 1 kg per week. This allows your body to slowly adjust to the new situation.
  • Eat a high-protein diet, because protein slims you down and prevents the yo-yo effect, as a study has shown. Protein-containing foods keep you full for a long time and prevent food cravings. You can also add low-fat dairy products and lean meat to your menu. Vegetables are also good. Maintaining this diet after the diet will prevent you from gaining weight again.
    Avoid anything that has empty calories. These include:
    • white flour products
    • Fast food
    • sweets
    • and also alcohol
  • Focus on whole grains, fruits and vegetables.Top your dishes with seeds and nuts.
  • intermittent fasting, as a truly sustainable method. The 16:8 method is popular. that means you eat a balanced and healthy diet in eight hours and in the next 16 hours you do without food. You can still drink, preferably water or tea without sugar.
  • move more than before, which increases your basal metabolic rate. For sports activities, you should alternate strength training and endurance sports. Strength training builds muscle mass and reduces body fat. With resistance training, you increase your cardiovascular functions and feel fitter in general.
  • Variety in training It is important that the exercises reach a certain efficiency. You can also move more in everyday life. Ride a bike, run stairs, or use your lunch hour to get a little exercise. it is important that you get plenty of exercise three to four times a week and intensify daily movements.

This is why the yo-yo effect is dangerous

The yo-yo effect harms your health. If your body constantly experiences weight fluctuations, this has a negative effect on your cardiovascular system.

It is entirely possible to develop heart disease after dieting and subsequent weight gain. The reason is abdominal fat, which produces more inflammatory substances after a diet if you fall back into old eating habits.

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A Korean study also shows other negative effects of the yo-yo effect. According to the results, there is an increased risk of suffering a stroke or a heart attack more easily after a diet with subsequent weight gain. It is also said to increase the risk of death.

These negative consequences should show you that diet models with the possibility of a yo-yo effect are not a good way to lose weight in a healthy and successful way.

If you are overweight, change your diet completely and combine it with enough exercise. This will help you lose weight and stay healthy.

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