Fit instead of fat: Balver Kids “Fit4future” is a lot of fun

Balve Elementary School knows that exercise and nutrition are keys to health, wellness, and learning. There was an action on Friday.

The St. Johannes primary school in Balve once again prepares children for the future, and not only in the school sense.

That is why he participates in the “fit4future” project, which was launched by the Cleven Foundation and is supported by the DAK Gesundheit health insurance company.

the great awakening

So the group of schoolchildren first went to the big alarm clock in the schoolyard, where a lot of movement unleashed their last fatigue.

Related to the project, things continued in the classrooms in an exciting way. The girls and boys talked about healthy or unhealthy breakfasts and what they should pay more attention to in the future.

the food pyramid

Here special attention was paid to the food pyramid. It shows the proportions in which certain food groups should be consumed in relation to the total amount, and what is good and important for a healthy diet for humans.

Of course, having fun was the top priority that day. There was a so-called hippo massage to relax while other kids made frisbees out of paper plates and then had a lot of fun on the playground.

One of the students’ assignments was to use the cardboard disks to choose places where they could play Frisbee golf. And here almost all the children showed a lot of creativity. For example, a barrier was rebuilt to throw hoops, while another group had fun with their Frisbees on the soccer field or on the slide.


“The goal of this campaign is to have a lasting positive influence on children’s habits and lifestyles. The focal points of ‘fit4future’ are more exercise in daily school life, healthy nutrition, concentrated learning and stress management”, explains director Birgit Heckmann in an interview with Westfalenpost.

In the plan to firmly anchor health promotion in everyday school life, the involvement of parents in their private lives is also very important. Parents need to pay more attention to their children getting enough exercise, and when it comes to nutrition, more attention should be paid to healthy foods and drinks, and above all, low in sugar.

the training

For three years, St. Johannes Primary School has been professionally accompanied and personally trained in the implementation of measures in the areas of exercise, nutrition and brain fitness. This includes workshops for teachers, a day of action for students and parents, and a variety of materials that encourage people to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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