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Lenses: Expired

“The expiration date is not an expiration date,” corrects Sabine Holzäpfel from the Baden-Württemberg consumer advice center. “It only indicates the moment in which an unopened food retains its typical properties if it is stored correctly, that is, smell, taste and nutritional content.”

However, as long as they are not infested with bugs, you can still eat them. An indication of insect infestation is white flour at the bottom of the package. So infested food is a case for garbage.

Apple: the core is moldy

The apple looks good from the outside. Inside, however, there is mold. “Cut back generously,” advises Bernhard Trierweiler of the Max Rubner Institute, as long as only the central building is affected. Its parchment coat protects the surrounding fruit. However, if the flesh has turned brown and damage can be seen on the outside of the stem or calyx, the apple has to go. “Those that cause core rot can produce toxins that quickly spread throughout the fruit.”

Avocado: points and threads in the pulp

As a tropical fruit, the avocado does not like the cold. Twelve degrees is ideal, even during transport. Less harm. The flesh then turns greyish and the vessels running through the fruit appear as dark spots. “It doesn’t look that appetizing,” says Trierweiler, “but it’s not dangerous.”
But beware: Damaged tissue is prone to deterioration. Therefore, check the avocado with all your senses: if the flesh is already soft and brown, moldy or smells unpleasant, discard the avocado.

Integral Bread: Partially dry

Experts call this phenomenon freezer burn. If air gets into frozen food, even places like bread, it will dry out. Even when the temperature is below freezing, the water evaporates. “The food hasn’t gone bad, but it can no longer be expected to taste good,” the German Institute for Frozen Food writes on its website. Best Protection: Use only special freezer bags and squeeze as much air out of the bag as possible before sealing it tightly. Advice: Avoid temperature fluctuations as much as possible and transport purchased frozen items in an insulated bag!

Yogurt: Hole in the foil lid

The shopping bag was not well packed and the salt packet made a hole in the lid of the yoghurt. “Cover the hole or pour the yogurt into an airtight container and use it within two to three days,” advises consumer advocate Holzäpfel, “or eat it right away.” If the hole was already in the lid, don’t eat the yogurt anymore. . “Many stores will return the yogurt and give you a new one with the lid intact if you present the receipt.” But only those who can prove that the hole was there before can claim this.

Chinese cabbage: black spots on the leaves

“Dead cells” is the diagnosis made by the plant specialist Trierweiler. This “leaf necrosis” is not a health problem, you can eat the cabbage without hesitation. But if the spots are flat, brown and soft, behind them there may be bacteria or fungi. Then cut the affected areas up to about three centimeters in the healthy area and wash the leaves well.

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