For example, the father’s diet affects the daughter’s health.

  • what do they have scientists examined?
  • how are you in the study proceeded?
  • what happened to the laboratory animals observed?
  • How dangerous is the unhealthy diet of parents? before conception for children?

That diet and lifestyle of mothers-to-be too environmental factors the health of little boy can influence, you know. Also that changes in the genes outside the hereditary substance long term damage can lead to offspring has now been proven by scientists. According to the Medical Clinic of the Mannheim University of Medicine (UMM), it can happen to young people, for example. cardiovascular and kidney diseases come. What is new is the understanding that it is through father’s unhealthy diet or even that Grandpa’s kidney damage in children, particularly girl, You can come. The researchers published their findings in the specialized journal “The Faseb Journal”.

Study: How did scientists* obtain knowledge?

AN international research team has under a animal study examined whether also through unhealthy diet from parents or grandparents, it can cause kidney disease in their children and grandchildren. Scientists from the Medical Clinic of the Mannheim University of Medicine also participated.

For research purposes, researchers have two generations male rats one unhealthy diet subdued. It contained large amounts fats, carbohydrates and salt. Applied to humans, the composition can be compared to that of Fast food compare.

Toward health effects to analyze offspring, the study authors* based on so-called glomerular filtration rate (GFR) They checked the health of his kidneys. The glomerulus is kidney filterswhere the blood flows After analyzing the urine, the FG allows conclusions to be drawn about filtration performance hit the kidneys. The second parameter was protein excretion. albumin. Increased urine volume may also indicate a kidney damage tracks

Result: Kidneys from females damaged over two generations.

In it first generation of the offspring were both TFG just like him albumin excretion not conspicuous. In the female offspring of second generation however, the scientists provided a increased removal of protein Y GFR was significantly reduced.

the Morphological analysisso the consideration external changes of the kidneys and biochemical research of the affected animals finally revealed: The kidneys were actually spoiled.

The rats developed a renal fibrosis and a glomerular sclerosis. Fibrosis is that scars of an organ, bass sclerosis Do medical professionals understand hardening an organ or tissue.

Conclusion: This is what the researchers conclude from the study.

Scientists were thus able demonstrateThat unhealthy diet of the father before conception kidney diseases of the daughter two generations can take you far.

To what extent do the findings of animals to humans The research team now wants to be able to be transferred further studies check.

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